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3 Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your Customer Engagement

Customer engagement has never been more important. Your customers have more control of the conversation about your business than ever before.

While you may try to be king of social media, a negative experience on anyone platform can mean an unhappy customer, which is bad for your business. That’s why you want to consider these strategies to elevate customer engagement and improve your response rates, no matter what type of company you are.

1. Take Advantage of Sales Data

Your sales data can help you personalize customer service. Consumers' buying decision has been influenced by a customer service interaction, whether positive or negative. Since sales data is an excellent indicator of how a customer will respond to your business, it’s a great starting point to tailor your customer service experience.

For example, you may have a customer who typically buys one thing. Let’s say it’s a one-day supply of some sort of vitamin, and then increases the quantity of their order. If you have that data from your sales system, you can glean from it that he’s probably a fan, and you can offer him a coupon for a three-day supply or a bigger supply for the same price.

This is also an excellent time to ensure the order process is seamless and easy. If the customer is savvy enough to take advantage of that three-day supply, he’s definitely a fan. Make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, if you plan to use your website as a customer service channel.

2. Promote Workplace Collaboration to Answer Customer Questions Efficiently

Quick response rates are a vital customer experience factor. You may have a customer who calls to ask something that could be answered with a quick search on your website or a call to a colleague.

You can use social collaboration tools to make it easy for your employees to share knowledge and answer customer questions. If the customer-facing staff has access to all the answers, you can reduce customer service costs and improve your customer service response rates.

3. Help Customers Help Themselves

One of the most effective ways to manage customer service response times is to give customers the information they need to self-serve. This allows you to dramatically reduce the amount of time your customer service team spends answering questions.

People are happy to use Google for everything but customer service. You can use Google Answers to be a part of the organic search results and provide answers to common customer questions without answering them manually.

For example, if a customer searches for “how to set up a Facebook account,” you might have an answer for them in Google Answers. This makes it easier for your customer service team and the customer. You can also do this with the FAQ page; just make sure you keep it up to date.

Level Up Your Customer Engagement

Businesses have been trying to figure out an effective way to boost customer engagement for years. Some businesses have tried different approaches, such as using a collection of different tools. Use these three tips to help you level up your customer engagement and improve how your customers and potential customers see you.

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