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All About Copado and How It Improves Your Salesforce®

In a fast-paced, digitized world where businesses need an edge to scale up efficiently and effectively, cloud-based software like Salesforce® offers companies of all sizes different ways to boost their functionality. It’s a customer relationship management solution that revolutionizes the departments like sales, marketing, collaboration, analytics, and more, making it easier to provide tailor-made experiences to customers.

Salesforce® itself understands the importance of expanding its features to meet unique problems, that’s why it’s open to integrating other native solutions like Copado, a rising contender that’s enhancing DevOps in the business world. It complements Salesforce® by easing the complexity of its deployment methods, making it easier for companies to make the switch with little-to-no downtime.

What Are the Essential ToolsThat Elevate the Benefits of Salesforce®?

1. Copado Plan

This program strives to help enterprises deploy key changes faster since it covers all the essential software features, from in-built support for Kanban boards, Agile dashboards, Sprint walls, Work Manager, and more. Integrating Salesforce® can take months before it fully standardized across different departments, but a Copado Plan simplifies the process by aligning all teams with all the changes.

2. Copado Test

Every business needs a dedicated department for learning solutions, but a comprehensive testing strategy should follow. Coders often go through months of testing to spot errors and see areas for improvement, but Copado Test can guarantee an error-free platform that minimizes the need for alpha testing.

Copado Test can save a significant amount of time during the testing stage of a product, which means you can fast-track your releases with fewer risks of bugs and other errors.

3. Copado Comply

Scanning enterprise principles and existing software is key to maintaining a secure environment, especially for tech-savvy companies like yours. Copado Comply can iron out inefficiencies in your process by keeping your IT team in the loop on what works, what needs improvement, and everything in between.

With Copado Comply, companies can easily deliver comprehensive scans regularly to reduce the creases during deployment.

4. Copado Monitor

Using CRM solutions like Salesforce® requires constant monitoring, and while the software offers automotive functionality, Copado Monitor takes it to the next level by expanding your team’s visibility.

Copado Monitor comes with pre-built reports and boards so different departments can stay on top of quality compliance.

The Bottom Line: The Role of Copado in Enhancing Salesforce®

With a mission to bring key members of your team together — from change managers, improvement specialists, software test centers, legal, admins, scrum leaders, and developers — Copado serves as a game-changing suite that helps organizations understand their value chain.

How Can Apphienz Help You?

We are a Salesforce consulting partner that provides clients with support in maintaining their Salesforce Instance and guides them in developing new applications through consultation and training. Looking to integrate Copado with Salesforce? Connect with us today and we can help you make your system efficient.

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