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Everything You Need to Know About The New Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Launched in 2019, Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud has transformed the consumer goods value chain, revolutionizing how businesses interact with retail channel customers and end consumers. This platform has consistently evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the consumer goods industry, earning recognition from the Promotion Optimization Institute as the 'Best in Class' product for four consecutive years.

Why Choose Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud?

Personalized Experience

The Consumer Goods Cloud addresses the growing demand for personalized experiences in the consumer goods industry. With real-time insights into customer information, companies can tailor their interactions based on demographics, locations, and purchase histories. Customizable fields enable the collection of relevant customer data, facilitating targeted and omnichannel marketing campaigns for a more tailored approach.

Unified Data

Consumer Goods Cloud addresses the challenge of data silos, unifying information from sales, service, and back-office operations. This ensures that the entire organization is aligned, working collaboratively towards common goals, and enhancing overall customer experience.

Improving Retail Execution

This platform aids in automating tasks, allowing sales representatives to focus on selling. Real-time data synchronization enables the identification of planogram gaps, out-of-stock products, and asset management, resulting in improved retail efficiency. Features like guided selling and in-store collateral enhance the execution of perfect store strategies.

Optimizing In-Store Merchandising and Marketing

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud provides 360-degree visibility into sales targets, orders, discounts, and promotions, helping companies make the most out of their marketing spend. AI optimization ensures effective marketing and better return on investment, improving lead planning and overall store management.

Accessibility, Scalability, and Customizability

The platform is easily accessible on any device with an internet connection, empowering remote workforces to access real-time data and collaborate seamlessly. It is highly scalable, allowing businesses to adapt to their growth, and offers customizability to meet specific industry processes and workflows.


Consumer Goods Cloud seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products such as Sales, Marketing, and Commerce, as well as third-party systems, creating a comprehensive business system.

Features of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

1. Visit Planning:

- Prioritize visits for sales representatives, enhancing efficiency.

- Utilize objects like customer visit settings, event job lists, and trip lists for detailed planning.

- Automatic visit planning ensures regular store visits with predefined tasks.

2. Salesforce Maps for Optimized Routes:

- Utilizes Salesforce Maps to optimize representative routes based on various factors.

3. Visit Execution:

- Provides clear guidance to sales reps on tasks during store visits.

- Customizable templates for specific customer needs.

- Virtual store engagement through the Consumer Goods Visit Execution app.

4. Einstein AI for Consumer Goods:

- Retail Activity Optimization (RAO) for analyzing retail visits and optimizing sales efforts.

- Integration with Google Maps for route optimization.

- Vision capabilities for planogram audits and product identification.

- Discovery of relevant pattern identification in-store data.

5. Mobile Order Capture:

- Enables on-the-fly order capture and product scanning.

- Real-time updates and availability data to avoid stockouts.

6. Direct Store Delivery:

- Prioritizes deliveries based on business needs.

- Comprehensive visibility into order information with live tracking and rerouting.

7. Sales Agreement:

- Real-time tracking of financial information.

- Planning vs. actual comparison for execution evaluation.

- Custom metrics for tracking specific information.

8. Integration with Front-and-Back Office:

- Connects data across front-and-back offices for a single source of truth.

9. Trade Promotion Management:

- Streamlines promotion planning and provides a comprehensive view of trade budgets.

- Simplifies claim management and deductions reconciliation.

- Real-time reporting for trade optimization.

Latest Updates in Consumer Goods Cloud (Winter 23′ Release)

The Winter 23′ release introduces several updates, including faster setup of retail stores, easy sharing of retail store records, improved managed access with updated permission sets, and more.

Impact on the Retail Sector

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud has significantly impacted the retail sector by revolutionizing store management services. It helps establish lasting customer relationships, enhances store analytics through Einstein AI, and ensures effective retail execution for increased revenue and return on investment.

Benefits of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

1. Improvements in Store Planning:

- Provides a 360-degree view of sales targets, orders, discounts, and promotions.

- Smooth execution of retail activities.

2. Better Store Layout:

- Personalized and templated store layouts based on segment categories.

3. Accurate Shelf Auditing:

- Improves inventory management and planogram creation.

- Utilizes Einstein Vision for shelf scanning.

4. Navigable Store Visits:

- Tracks store visits efficiently, collecting essential parameters.

5. Capturing Orders on Mobile:

- Increases in-store sales with mobile order capture.

6. Comprehensive Surveys and Data Collection:

- Conducts surveys and gathers feedback for better strategies.

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Pricing

Pricing depends on the chosen plan and the number of users. Additional costs apply for increased user numbers.


Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud empowers retailers with a comprehensive toolset for smooth retail operations, ensuring product availability and effective promotions. The platform is competitively priced, aligning with industry standards. With its robust features, it remains a top choice for managing retail operations seamlessly.

Apphienz, a trusted Salesforce partner, ensures a seamless journey in building and optimizing your Consumer Goods Cloud. Our seasoned experts are dedicated to leveraging the full potential of Salesforce solutions, tailoring them to meet the unique needs of your consumer goods business. From personalized experiences and unified data management to improved retail execution and optimized merchandising, Apphienz empowers you to thrive in the dynamic consumer goods industry.

Contact us today and embark on a transformative path, letting our experts drive your business growth through the power of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.


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