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Having a Data Strategy Can Change the Way Nonprofits Work

On, you'll find new research that highlights the way nonprofits handle new data strategies, as well as how they surpass their fundraising goals and choose to invest in technology to take on modern challenges.

Since March of 2020, nonprofits have faced challenges they've never had to deal with before. As you can probably guess, it is the COVID-19 pandemic that has shaken the operations of nonprofit organizations.

Many organizations from different countries worldwide have seen a significant change in their relationships with donors. They have had to be creative with the way they establish new connections while at the same time striving to meet the needs of the communities depending on them.

Many of the challenges stemmed from the lack of data strategy of nonprofits. That said, it appears that nonprofits exceeded their fundraising goals last year. That is because they are embracing technology more. In this post. Apphienz, one of the trusted Salesforce consultants in the country shares information on this:

Bridging Gaps Between Need for Technology and Access

The research revealed that more than 91% of nonprofits feel optimistic about using technology for their work. However, almost half of them face difficulties accessing technology that would be appropriate for their needs.

In the US, for example, there is a common belief that the technology sector should work with the public sector and charities to ensure that new technologies can support those who are most in need.

The research also revealed that donor fatigue is a real issue for charities, so it is vital to make the relationship between donors and nonprofits as smooth as possible.

Nonprofits Surpassed Fundraising Objectives with Digital Outreach

Many nonprofits were able to surpass their fundraising goals last year, with a positive trend for digital outreach.

Nonprofits that could embrace digital outreach saw how their email conversion rates and social media engagements grew.

While digital marketing costs are rising, nonprofits need to look for digital fundraising organizations. Those will ensure that organizations with limited budgets work on the right strategy.

Many organizations are also starting to use data to improve the delivery of services and, in turn, raise more funds.

Instead of relying on traditional fundraising methods, many nonprofits embrace behavioral data.

Behavioral data allows nonprofits to understand donors better. With the right tech, they'll be able to refine their fundraising strategies and increase donors.

Solving Issues with Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology has allowed nonprofits to be more efficient and better control their data. This is also one reason why many nonprofits choose to invest in technology.

With the help of technology, nonprofits will be able to: reduce administration costs, keep a better track of their data and support the growth of their services.

On the other hand, it is also essential to understand that a common tech problem for nonprofits is broken software or technology that is hard to use. On top of that, some organizations can still not manage the security of their data.

Data Is Changing Nonprofits' Approach to Fundraising

Nonprofits are finding new ways to engage their customers and donors. They are also discovering new ways to serve their communities.

In the US, for example, the percentage of nonprofits that are using data to make decisions in their organization grew by more than 10% in the last five years.

With the help of data, nonprofits can support their fundraising initiatives and improve the impact of their work.


As you can see, nonprofit organizations face challenges that most organizations haven't had to face before. These challenges have forced them to learn new ways of doing things, including using technology to their advantage.

While charities still have miles to go before they can solve all of their problems, it is nice to see that they are taking the proper steps to be prepared to face challenges that will come in the future.

We hope that the struggling nonprofits can get the help they need while others will be inspired to embrace Salesforce technology in general to their advantage.

Apphienz offers Salesforce-managed services to nonprofits and other organizations and companies globally. Contact us today and we can talk about how we can help improve your data strategy!


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