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Leveraging Salesforce Technology to Improve Location-Based Funding Efficiency

It's no coincidence that community financing models centered on specific locations have become more prevalent in the past decade. Rising public service demands, increasing complexity of citizen requirements, and tighter public budgets are only a few examples of the public sector's many challenges. Nevertheless, putting financial power in the hands of residents is one way to fulfill the growing need for more meaningful and localized change.

In principle, direct support of communities makes sense, but in reality, location-based initiatives face problems. This kind of program has to be open, adaptable, and realistic to succeed. However, scaling this operation is a complicated operational problem, especially without the appropriate sharing, reflecting, and learning mechanisms.

By eliminating geographical obstacles to cooperation and making massive amounts of information accessible across broad networks of people, cloud technology, such as Salesforce, may assist in this endeavor.

Keeping in mind that the specific needs and concerns of communities are going to vary, we could emphasize a few universal key elements.

1. A Platform for Experimentation, Learning, and Resource-Sharing

Developing, testing, and evaluating location-based funding models must be part of a flexible, inclusive, and iterative process. New and innovative methodologies should be encouraged and supported. By making the model available on a common platform, the organization or agency can observe the outcome and progress of each project and share their findings with the project owner.

Participants could use their input to refine their project or even use the model as a template for a similar project in another area. The organization or agency can offer assistance and advice, but the community is free to experiment with ideas that could benefit others.

A model community could also serve as a prototype for others. Through a " competitive-cooperation " model, other communities can then adapt successful ideas that could be a powerful tool for developing an accurate and imagined network of neighborhoods. This concept can be spread out across local communities and even across state borders.

2. A Method for Accessing and Sharing Large Quantities of Information

The ability to share information and ideas is crucial. To develop a successful funding project, you cannot encapsulate a community's comprehensive data in any single format or medium. As a result, an organization or agency needs to provide a complete, easily accessible IT tools and resources database.

Having access to a large pool of information means that a community can access relevant data and create customized plans. A generic framework uses Salesforce cloud technology to capture the essential data and send it securely and reliably to a central database. All information is then available to the public and can be viewed, shared, and analyzed.

The organization or agency must also maintain a secure database, provide access to all users, and keep the database safe. A template could be developed and adopted for any type and size of community.

3. A Database and Real-time Communication

Once information is entered into the database, that information becomes available to all community members. The community can then use this data to make better decisions and find the most efficient solutions to their problems. By accessing the latest information, community members also have access to many experts.

You can also use Salesforce cloud technology to establish a real-time communication channel between concerned parties. If a community has exhausted all of its resources and has no other option other than dissolution, implementing a cloud-based communication platform could provide a much-needed boost of support for the community.

Using real-time communication tools, community members can talk with experts and specialists from all over the world who have been through similar situations and have experience resolving those issues. This could help the community to develop viable options for the future.


Salesforce's Cloud Technology can be a powerful tool for community-based financing and development. To take full advantage of this opportunity, organizations and agencies must first understand their specific needs and the community's needs. Only then can the cloud technologies be selected and implemented.

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