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No Code Salesforce and Eventbrite Integration

Eventbrite is the leading platform for managing and growing events and supports the success of creators and entrepreneurs. Companies and event organizers can create and list their events online for event management and ticket sales. It will oversee all additional Online Ticketing & Accounting processes.

Myriad features provided by Eventbrite Salesforce Integration enable businesses and event planners to optimize their marketing efforts and workflows. It assists in syncing data from Eventbrite to Salesforce, where effective customer relationship management is plausible.

Let's have a look at the No Code Salesforce and Eventbrite integration;

With Eventbrite,

Expand your audience

Use our exclusive data to increase your reach with marketing tools and tap into the largest events marketplace in the world where millions of people find things to do.

Get the community involved

Keep in touch with your attendees and maintain their interest with email marketing tools, notifications, and timely insights that work effectively.

Be self-assured in your work

Create a seamless attendee experience that elevates your brand by simply posting and managing your events, whether they are in person or online.

Perks of Salesforce and Eventbrite integration

  1. You can add more contacts and leads to your Salesforce account by using the Eventbrite Salesforce Integration.

  2. Companies can combine their Eventbrite Sales data with information from other marketing campaigns and revenue sources to get a comprehensive picture of their performance

  3. Businesses can manage their marketing campaigns from Salesforce thanks to the integration.

By transferring data from Salesforce to Eventbrite, it helps businesses quickly create marketing events.


  • A functioning Salesforce profile.

  • An Eventbrite account that is active.

Integration process

Setting up the Salesforce Eventbrite App

To access your Salesforce account, log in.

Visit the Salesforce AppExchange Marketplace here to access Eventbrite.

The Salesforce Eventbrite App listing will be displayed.

To install Eventbrite on Salesforce, click the ‘Get it now' button now.

It will ask you to log in once more. Using your Salesforce account, sign in to App Exchange.

You will now be prompted to choose a location to install the Eventbrite Salesforce package. Select ‘Install in Production’ or ‘Install in Sandbox’ as appropriate.

Click the ‘Confirm and Install’ button to review the summary of the installation details that will be displayed.

Click the ‘Install’ button after selecting whether you want to install for admins only or for all users.

Once you've done that, click the ‘Continue’ button and grant third parties access to the Eventbrite data.

Accessing the Eventbrite Account

Visit your Salesforce account and select the App Menu button in the top left of the screen.

Choose ‘Eventbrite Admin’ from the search results for ‘Eventbrite’.

A wizard for setting up connections will now appear and ask you to link Salesforce and Eventbrite. Put your mouse over the ‘Connect to Eventbrite’ button.

The Eventbrite Salesforce Integration login information will be requested.

It will request authorization to access your Eventbrite account once you have entered valid credentials.

To link Salesforce and Eventbrite, click the ‘Allow’ button.

Go to ‘Organizations > Apps’ in your Eventbrite account now, and you'll see the Salesforce App there.

Salesforce Integration for Eventbrite has been successfully set up.

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