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The Impact of Salesforce on Your Customer Service Performance

Technology and innovation are changing the way businesses interact with customers. One such innovation is the use of customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help you oversee all your company’s interactions with your customers. But how exactly does a tool like CRM, particularly Salesforce, help your company enhance your customer’s experience with you?

Salesforce Leads to Better Customer Experience

Salesforce is a suite of tools that provides valuable insights and data on your customers’ interests, preferences, purchase history, and more. A Salesforce consultant will then track, manage, and analyze that data so you can make a product worthy of your customer’s attention and praise.

The following are just some of the benefits of using Salesforce to improve your customer service performance:

Salesforce helps you find the right customers

Before any person can be called one of your customers, they start out as leads. Every company has its own lead generation tactics in place to attract new prospects that could then be turned into customers. Without the use of Salesforce, however, converting those leads can become a bit more difficult.

Salesforce allows you to make the most out of your marketing efforts by connecting all of them into an effective CRM platform. This will give both your sales team and marketing team a complete and unparalleled view of all the leads and prospects they can create better engagements with that will result in more paying customers.

Salesforce helps you build better relationships

Building and developing relationships is at the center of every business. It’s how you ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction!

A CRM tool like Salesforce gives you a better view of what matters most to your customers. All these can be recorded on the CRM platform. The next time you engage with your customer, you already know what their needs are, and you can offer better solutions.

Without Salesforce, it’s hard to keep track of every little detail about your customers. You basically have to restart the conversation again and lose all the rapport you’ve already built with the customers. Whenever you need to make a follow-up, Salesforce will definitely come in handy and let you pick up where you left off.

Focus more on customer success

A couple of years back, key performance indicators (KPIs) for customer support teams were mainly composed of how many calls you could take and how fast you can close them.

Now, as managed services and support have become more common, and platforms like Salesforce have begun to offer better insights on customer behavior, KPIs have shifted significantly. The focus now is to build deeper relationships and develop more customer-oriented KPIs to measure your team’s performance.

Some of these customer-oriented indicators include:

  • Average time from order to delivery

  • Number of queries received about your products

  • Time it takes to issue refunds

  • Customer retention rate

  • Average time it takes to respond (FRT)

Gaining insights from your CRM’s customer analytics is an important aspect of delivering excellent customer service. Through Salesforce, it is easier to shift to a more customer-centric approach to measuring your performance.

Salesforce keeps the customer experience consistent

Ensuring that your customers receive consistent messages and support from you is an excellent way to keep your customers happy and loyal. Timely responses to customer inquiries can be set to automatically send whenever your customers fill out an online form.

By ensuring consistency, loyalty, brand reputation, and satisfaction can all be improved at the same time. With all those improvements, a better, more enjoyable customer experience is sure to follow.


Salesforce is essentially an all-in-one tool that helps bring companies and customers together. It offers valuable insight and better connectivity between your different teams so that they can provide better service to your customers. Remember, at the end of the day, customer service is more about building relationships with consumers than about measuring numbers.

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