We are Apphienz

Granting you 24/7 access to regionally-based support to solve your biggest Salesforce problems in no time

At Apphienz (pronounced /affi-enz/), we want to help you solve your biggest Salesforce problems. Successful companies invest in creating a connection with their customers. So we simplify your process of creating a bond with your customers for improved sales and services.

We study your Salesforce landscape and company goals to provide unique platform support to help you win. After all, we are Apphienz. Our name is derived from Apphi (Greek word for incremental) and Enz (Latin word for essentials). And we take pleasure in being the essential tool for your company’s progressive growth.

At Apphienz, we value our partnerships and place a premium on our customer’s trusts. You should have a responsible and passionate Salesforce partner for your business Salesforce needs. This is what Apphienz is about. We have the experience, the strategies, and the expertise to serve you at the capacity that you require. 

Apphienz has been a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner since January 2020. This is to provide you with regionally-based salesforce experts. Our team analyzes your company’s peculiar needs to create the best solutions. And you will find it easy to work with our team members as you will know them by their first names since you will have the convenience to work with them 24/7.

Our Mission

Be the trusted advisor and partner to Small to Mid-Sized Businesses and Nonprofits, such that Apphienz can work as an outsourced Salesforce department as an extension of your organization, allowing you to focus on your company's vision and goals.

Our Core Values

  • Trust & Integrity:

We earn people’s trusts because we do as we say and remain transparent, ethical and fair.

  • Customer Success:

We always appreciate the honor of researching and solving Salesforce problems as your Salesforce team.

  • Accountability: 

Our people make the best team to strategize and execute Salesforce projects excellently. We welcome new ideas and take a chance for an adventure. 



Behind the Scenes

Mani Anand
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CEO and Founder


Salesforce® Registered Consulting Partner

San Diego, CA, USA | Mumbai, MH, India

info@apphienz.com | 844-790-9900

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