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Technical Debt Clean Up


Get your processes sorted and dirty data cleaned for a better ROI!

Improve your data quality dramatically.

What is Technical Debt?

Unwanted Baggage Tech Debt

unwanted baggage of fields

Configurations and Functionalities no longer adds value

Poor Flexibility Tech Debt

Poor Flexibility

System lacks flexibility

Too Many Red Flags Tech Debt

Too many red flags

Optimizer and health checks have too many red flags

How Apphienz can help you reduce Technical Debt in Salesforce?

Salesforce is amazing to keep your data organized and have a 360 view of your business.  But as the Salesforce Instance ages and the organizations grow, the legacy configurations, records become outdated, your data degrades with duplicate, insecure (privacy and security related), incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent stuff. 


Apphienz can help solve this issue by understanding the new business processes for the organization and updating Salesforce to catch up with the evolved process. We will remove all legacy configurations, clean up data, merge duplicate records, remove redundant fields, help build a data dictionary, and bring down the number of red flags that come up on Optimizer and Health Checks.

Connect with our data cleaning experts today!

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