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QuickStart Packages

New to Salesforce?
Signup for our QuickStart offering and get your salesforce up and running with our fixed packages.


Nonprofit QuickStarts

To Support Nonprofits We Have Created 30 hours and 50 hours QuickStart Packages. Get your top priority requirements implemented by our Salesforce experts, so that you can leverage the power of Salesforce to achieve your mission.

Fundraising QuickStart

Program Management QuickStart

Marketing Cloud QuickStart

Our QuickStart packages are designed to set up your Marketing Cloud quickly and efficiently. We decode your initial Salesforce requirements and pain points through technology and process expertise. We offer QuickStarts for Discovery & Installation, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Ad Studio, and Social Studio.

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Pardot QuickStart

Create meaningful connections, generate a better Sales pipeline, and empower sales teams to close more deals with our Pardot QuickStart. Within 50 hours our team will get your system up and running, and you will be ready to utilize your full potential from your Salesforce investment.


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Sales Cloud QuickStart

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world's best CRM for Sales. With our Salesforce Quickstart, turn data into actionable insight that everyone can access from anywhere. Additionally, we offer Case Management QuickStart for specific cases.

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Let Apphienz be the foundation behind your vision!

Connect with Apphienz today and start moving towards a path of success!


Workflow Rules and Process Builder are discontinued in favor of the more functional capabilities of Flow by Salesforce. In order to help you with the seamless transition of your organization from Workflow Rules and/or Process Builder to the newer and more potent engine of Flow, our expert flownatics have put together some QuickStart Packages for you.

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