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Apphienz For Startups!

For startups, the only constant is change. From ideation to execution startups require unique solutions. Salesforce is the world's most innovative CRM platform that can meet the growing need of your company.

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Get Started With Salesforce

In the era where startups are booming with cut-throat competition and world-class innovation, stand out from the herd by laying a strong foundation with Salesforce. Salesforce can help you build up a strong sales system, automate your marketing efforts, helps you offer the best customer service and support to your customers, and much more. With custom reports and dashboards you can get a 360 view of your customers and your business.


How Salesforce and Apphienz Can Help You?

Building Up The Sales Processes

When your systems are automated and integrated inside out, you’re in for the win! Get full visibility into your customer lifecycle with Salesforce. Analyze reports, invoices, orders, bills, and payments for detailed and accurate information on your total sales. 


Create, renew, and manage contracts automatically in Salesforce. Save time with custom document management tools (for document generation and signature management) and Salesforce CPQ (for quoting systems), so that your Sales team can spend more time selling.


Automate your Marketing Efforts

Today, businesses thrive on strategic and personalized marketing. With Salesforce, generate organic leads, customize interface/touchpoints, real-time vigilance and 360-degree view of your sales funnel. Engage with your potential customers, scan their profiles, generate sales leads to increase your reach. Automate your marketing campaigns. 

Customer Management

Salesforce aims to cultivate one-on-one relationships with all the customers. With our in-depth industry, Sales Cloud, and Service cloud knowledge, we are here to guide you through any critical or technical challenges to keep your business up and running. We empower companies to put their customers at the center of everything by simplify quoting, cross-selling, up-selling, and other key account management processes.


Improve Your Billing Systems

We can help you automate the billing processes and quotation processes so that, you can analyze reports, invoices, orders, bills, and payments for detailed and accurate information on your total sales.


Stimulate cash collection with a workable billing engine and sales orders. Organize programmed processes across the revenue cycle, all from anywhere across the globe.

Custom Development & Integrations

However unique your requirements are our Salesforce experts can solve your challenges with custom development and integration designed only for you. Our team incorporates out-of-the-box and third-party integrations to keep the costs down for you. 

Sometimes predesigned apps/products are not able to solve all the problems. For these situations, we offer custom developments, tailor-made for your business. Our solutions can be used to optimize processes, background automation, creating new pages, managing tools, etc.


Let’s flourish together!

Our Salesforce experts can help you set up your Salesforce as you get ready to scale. We can work as a part of your team or as an extension to your team.

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