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Diversity and Inclusion at Apphienz

We at Apphienz firmly believe that a diverse workplace is a valuable asset as it recognizes each employee's unique qualities and the capabilities they bring to the table. Eventually, valuing others' individuality is really what connects everyone together and can be the cornerstone of any successful, vibrant company. 


Apphienz being a woman-led company has always taken steps to make sure there is a diverse culture in the workplace and that every individual is accepted warmly despite all their differences. 


The plan that we have in place for this year is to go above and beyond the usual norms and create our own unique and distinctive blueprint and make our organizational culture even more inclusive and diverse. 


Create a safe space 


Employees should be able to offload their emotions, worries, or troubles safely without worrying about office politics or privacy. Our goal is to make them feel safe and comfortable. 


Hire more diverse individuals


This has been the most important rule of our hiring process. Hiring people across all cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, gender, and class, and solely based on their talents and skills. 


Embrace cultural diversity and celebrate them


Every culture brings with them a different perspective. To know about various cultures and celebrate them with utmost importance. 


Mentor employees 


The organization doesn't grow if the employees don't grow. To make sure about the personal and professional growth of every individual and help them flourish in all the ways possible through our one-on-one mentorship programs. 


Provide more autonomy 


The sign of a great leader is to provide more autonomy to the employees. Taking decisions on their own not only makes them more confident but the organization runs more smoothly and efficiently. 


Hire more women returning to work after maternity leave 


It is no surprise that globally women face a myriad of challenges when resuming work post their maternity leave. Many are not paid as per the market standards and as per their skills. We treat every individual with the same lens and welcome women with the perks they deserve and more. 


Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture has always been in our organization's DNA. We continuously strive for nothing but excellence and that has only been possible through our exceptional team of diverse individuals. Every year we come up with an added clause that benefits not only our organization but our employees as well and we continue to do so relentlessly moving forward. 


Want to know more about our D&I efforts? Drop us an email!

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