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Data Export


Conquer your organization's data migration challenge seamlessly with minimum business disruptions and transition to Salesforce coherently. 

Transfer Your Data With Minimum Disruptions

Whether you are switching CRM platforms to Salesforce or need to merge databases or migrate, our Salesforce experts can seamlessly transfer your data with minimum business disruptions.

Moving to Salesforce?

If you are switching over from your current CRM to Salesforce, you want the process to be error-free, hassle-free, and quick. We will understand the current business process, create the data transfer strategies, test them out, import the data based on the data mapping strategies and go live with the setup.

Seamless Data Transfer With Apphienz!

Connect with Apphienz today and start moving towards a path of success!

Merging Salesforce Org’s!

Want to merge multiple Salesforce Org's? Salesforce’s data export unit is a unique tool specially designed to systematically export big data without glitches. Our data experts will plan out your data conversion, work on data cleanup, remove duplicates, update addresses, etc. test the conversion in the Sandbox and go live with the setup.

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