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Apphienz For SMBs!

SMBs have more on their plate than they can chew. How about taking a back seat and channelizing the energy into strategizing, innovating, ideating, and creating, and leaving the rest to us? Automate and streamline your business with Salesforce and with Apphienz’s custom solutions and witness your ROI increasing 10x folds. 


Take Your Business to New Heights!

As an SMB it might feel challenging to manually track everyday tasks like calculations, bookkeeping, overlooking inventories, operations, spreadsheets, excel files, etc. Automate these tasks with the guidance and assistance of our experts and focus on growing your business. Build deeper connections with your customers through meaningful interactions.

Improved Transparency

Create a more transparent environment in the organization with an upgraded communication system where you are aware of every minute detail. Get a real-time update of your projects and your team.


Seamless Business Operations!

Being an SMB, at times it might become overwhelming to keep an eye out on everything that is taking place in the business operations. With Apphienz’s exceptional services, you can get a 360-degree view of entire operations inside out. You can be anywhere across the globe and get a crystal clear picture from inventories, invoices, employees performance, vendor bills to dispatch.

Alleviate Your Business!

To escalate your business to the next level, Marketing your products and services is non-negotiable. With Marketing Cloud, stay ahead of the competition and deliver the right message at the right time to your customers. Manage your leads and opportunities in the Sales Cloud. Stay connected with your customers all the while providing the best customer support using Service Cloud. Understand the exact needs and wants of your customer with Analytics 360 and deliver personalized services/products. 

Soar High With Apphienz!

Our exemplary and exceptional Salesforce experts are here to guide you with anything under the sun. Name it and you have it. 

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