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Apphienz For Nonprofits!

Nonprofits have different requirements and we at Apphienz understand your specific needs. Through our efficient resources, there’s nothing that your Nonprofit cannot achieve. We will assist you in customizing your needs with our one-of-a-kind Salesforce solutions.

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Your Mission is our Ambition!

The ongoing pandemic has made it more challenging for nonprofits to keep up with the digital-first world. With the help of Salesforce, nonprofits can utilize their data to make smarter decisions about their programs to deliver effective results on their mission. Apphienz can help you foster long-lasting donor relationships with real-time insights. 

Getting Started With Salesforce!

Are you new to Salesforce and finding it difficult to start utilizing the Salesforce features? you are in the right place. We have done NPSP and Nonprofit implementation for several nonprofits. Apphienz will work with your team to curate the solutions unique to your mission to match your needs, budget, and timeline.


Whether this is your first time using CRM or you are moving to Salesforce from a different CRM, we will set up your essentials like fundraising, program management, donors, and volunteer management unique dashboards in no time. So that you can start utilizing Salesforce to achieve your goals from day one.


Do You Need Assistance With Your CRM Relocation?

We’re experts at transferring nonprofits from other CRM systems to Salesforce, seamlessly. We Understand your current process, improve upon them and develop a data migration strategy unique to your requirement. Our experts can create a custom solution for your organization.

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How We Can Help You?

On-Demand Administrator

We can support your Salesforce Instance, whether you are in between hires or need someone to cover for your admin's leaves. Use our resources for as many hours as you need. 


Take advantage of all the new Salesforce features. We will support you with implementations, custom apps, or with any problems specific to your instance.


Keep your team updated with the latest in Salesforce with our custom trainings designed for your needs

Data Export

Whether you are switching platforms to Salesforce or need to merge databases or migrate, we will do it seamlessly with minimal disruptions.


Nonprofit QuickStart

To Support Nonprofits We Have Created



QuickStart Packages

30 hours and 50 hours

Get your top priority requirements implemented by our Salesforce experts, so that you can leverage the power of Salesforce to achieve your mission.

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Fundraising QuickStart

Program Management QuickStart

What Apphienz will do?

What Apphienz will do?

  • Using NPSP settings for people (leads, contacts, and account) management defaults.

  • NPSP settings to set up donation (Opportunity) management defaults.

  • Creating and managing grants, donations, major gifts, memberships

  • Reports and Dashboards

  • Tracking Programs and Services

  • Home page for program managers

  • Programs segments (eg. cohorts)

  • Reports and dashboards

  • Connecting suitable app exchange app to manage your Programs for free of cost

Fundraising is not the purpose of your nonprofit organization, but it is the lifeblood!

Giving Back To The Community!

Apphienz is a proud Pledge 1% member. We give 1% of our employees time and skills to support the nonprofit community. We do pro bono consulting projects for smaller nonprofits. 

Want to know more about the impact we are making? Drop us an email at:

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Nonprofits are the key to a thriving community!

To help you create an impact on your mission, we have your back as your Salesforce Partner. Let us help the community together!

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