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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Send customers the right message at the right moment using intelligent marketing

Why Marketing Cloud?

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing automation and analytics software. It helps you deepen customer relationships across every touchpoint with integrated marketing tools. Marketing Cloud helps you automate: 

  • Lead nurture and sales campaigns

  • Abandoned cart emails

  • Personalized emails and communications

  • Messages via social media or chat tools

  • Hosting online events like webinars, and much more can all be easily automated.

Marketing Cloud QuickStarts

Let Apphienz, set up your Marketing Cloud so that you can start connecting with your customers quickly and efficiently.

Email Studio QuickStart

60 hours

Email Studio lets you target your audience based on profile data for improved engagement. With Email Studio, you can create engaging emails with drag-and-drop functions, or HTML code and send 1-to-1 messages to your customers.


Mobile Studio QuickStart

25 hours

With Mobile Studio you can connect with your audience at the right moment. It helps you personalize the experience for your customers by sending highly targeted messages. It also helps you grow your audience and drives app engagement.

Ad Studio QuickStart

With Advertising Studio you can connect all your data together in Salesforce. It helps you generate more leads and allows you to connect with customers from all different ad campaigns in one place


35 hours

social-analyze-1 (1).png

Social Studio QuickStart

35 hours

Social Studio makes it easy for you to engage with your community, posts on social media. With Social Studio you see live displays of social media and marketing activity within the Marketing Command Center.

Marketing Cloud QuickStart

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