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3 Surprising Tips to Growing Your Virtual Market Base

If a donor has decided to give money to your organization, they would want the experience to be seamless and quick; the last thing they would want is to freak out and give up. Research from NextAfter found three main challenges that donors face when making a donation or engaging with your organization after donating:

  • Out of all the organizations involved in the study, about one in five did not have a process for checking whether donation pages were working correctly. They attempted to donate 20 percent of the time, but we could not do so.

  • Many organizations invest in creating compelling content that inspires supporters to give. However, about 27 percent of the time, we could not donate.

  • Low donor retention is a problem in the nonprofit sector. However, retention requires communication; only 28 percent of organizations sent cultivation emails beyond 60 days to their online donors.

A virtual salesforce administrator could help with these concerns since organizations will finally have a dedicated person to handle them. But what else must they imbibe, or what other solutions can be gleaned from this matter? These three surprising tips may just help you grow your virtual market base

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Create Engagement from the Get-Go

It is bad enough when one in ten organizations does not send any confirmation email and nearly one in three does not have a dedicated thank you page. However, things get worse from here.

Here are some steps to get you on the right track:

  • Think about what actions you want them to take. This means that the email should tell them what you need and why.

  • Send any series of follow-up messages you have planned to different segments of donors so that you can continually engage and bring in other people.

Start at the Beginning and Always Test

Today, countries worldwide use contactless payment methods to purchase everyday items due to COVID-19. People are busy and expect to swiftly complete actions online, which extends to donations–around 55 percent of donors worldwide prefer to give online with a credit or debit card.

This means you not only need to have a functioning donation page and email subscription form, but they also need to be simple and easy to use. Your virtual salesforce administrator should remove the friction 95 percent of nonprofits have in their online donation process. That type of challenge can overwhelm your donors and scare them away from donating. Here's what you can do:

  • Always keep it on one page.

  • Make sure donation processes are indicated clearly on your site.

  • Have a system in place to regularly test the donation process.

Create Inspiring Content

Give your subscribers a reason to provide you with their contact details, such as regular updates and messages tailored specifically to their interests. Don’t be like 75 percent of nonprofit organizations who do not clarify what donors will receive when they sign up for a newsletter or don’t even explain how the signing-up process works.

You prevent that by instructing your virtual salesforce administrator to do the following:

  • Set things up so people can have something immediately. Give them a reason to sign up; let them know it’s about what interests them or something they’re already familiar with.

  • Segment your audience to tailor the content. Difference markets require different communication channels.

It’s Time for Growth

More people give to nonprofit organizations every day, and technology makes it easier to do so. Whether it is easier online or more convenient to give online, a virtual sales administrator can help nonprofits grow by meeting one of their biggest challenges: acquiring new donors. By capturing their information, they can increase their customer base and help them to cultivate more and more donors.

Contact Apphienz today to use Salesforce for Nonprofits or hire a virtual salesforce administrator to grow your organization! We want to help you solve your biggest Salesforce problems by encouraging you to invest in creating a connection with your customers. So we simplify your process of creating a bond with your customers for improved sales and services. Get in touch with us right now and find out how to maximize this application for your business!


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