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Accelerating Vaccine Management With Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Local and international government officials and healthcare workers are currently delivering the most extensive mass vaccination campaign in human history. The formulation and creation of these COVID-19 vaccines are shining achievements in scientific cooperation and innovation. Now, the challenge is in production, effective distribution, and information dissemination.

The COVID crisis has led to many partnerships between governments and private businesses. Tech organizations are in continuous collaboration with federal organizations, cities, and states to build efficient contact tracing systems and vehicles to relay important information to as many citizens as possible.

These partnerships have been fruitful—but there is still a lot of work to be done. As such, digital infrastructure is necessary for ensuring effective and efficient resource distribution. The private sector can provide the technical capabilities to help the local and federal government as vaccines are dispersed to the general public.

Vaccine Cloud For Vaccines

Coordinating healthcare during a disaster has historically been incredibly difficult—and this global pandemic has been no different. To address the need, Salesforce recently announced Vaccine Cloud for Vaccines to provide a digital framework for local authorities to manage and administer vaccines safely.

From scheduling vaccine appointments, keeping track of inventory, and responding to illnesses in constituents post-vaccination, Vaccine Cloud provides end-to-end solutions for healthcare officials and government authorities to consolidate an efficient and effective vaccination campaign. Salesforce is currently working with the Vaccine Alliance Gavi, the city of Chicago (via MTX), and IBM to manage vaccine distribution.

Here are three ways Salesforce's Vaccine Cloud can help with the Vaccine Distribution Management:

Public Health Command Center

A centralized dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of a community’s public health status so local authorities can make quick, data-driven decisions. Demographic details and vaccine inventory levels consolidated on one dashboard can accelerate response time—and healthcare authorities will be able to take action when needed.

Public health officials can also curate and launch educational campaigns about vaccine distribution. After all, open communication and engagement with local communities is a crucial part of crisis management.

Vaccine Inventory Management

All resources during a public health crisis need careful management. Real-time inventory of vaccine doses, syringes, and personal protective equipment (PPE) can help forecast demand, avoid surplus supplies, and reduce waste.

Digital inventory planning and optimization ensure that all parties have the information they need to make proper decisions and act accordingly.

Digital Scheduling and Vaccine Outcome Monitoring

Two doses are required for maximum vaccine efficacy, so it’s crucial to have a systematic approach to scheduling and setting appointments. Appointment reminders and timelines should be automated for full efficiency and ensure that no one slips through the cracks.

For as long as vaccine eligibility is limited to specific age groups and professions, thorough eligibility checks are necessary. An automated system can easily manage self-service and on-demand vaccinations.

Post-vaccination health conditions within a community should also be monitored so healthcare officials can act quickly if there’s a public health concern. Surveying and capturing accurate vaccine data is crucial for further research and development, so people should be encouraged to self-report their symptoms post-vaccination.

Salesforce is the current global CRM leader who’s partnering with local governments to provide a digital infrastructure for vaccine rollout in the United States. The new Vaccine Cloud offers vaccine inventory management solutions, vaccination schedules, and public health monitoring. This collaboration will lead to more efficient systems and a quicker path to herd immunity!

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