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All You Need To Know About Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Health Cloud 2.0, a solution designed to empower businesses and governments to provide better health and safety for their employees, consumers, and communities, was unveiled recently by Salesforce, the global leader in CRM.

While we traverse a landscape that is a combination of digital, in-person, and on-site, the focus has changed to assuring health, safety, and efficient business operations in the new normal – which is critical to establishing confidence and guaranteeing company continuity. COVID-19 testing, immunization, contact tracing, wellness evaluations, and ensuring the best from different locations are now crucial as businesses of all sizes look for ways to be safe when they engage with consumers and the workforce.

Salesforce has an inherent awareness of these requirements. At its three-day, hybrid digital and in-person Dreamforce conference this week, the business is launching Dreampass, a new feature of the Health Cloud 2.0 portfolio. Dreampass helps ensure a high level of safety for attendees, staff, and the community by enabling flexible and comprehensive COVID-19 safety protocols for in-person attendees, including managing proof of vaccination, integrating with testing vendors, and sending robotic personalized communications throughout the technique.

Connected health and work experiences that empower any business in any sector will be able to use the Health Cloud 2.0 range of products, employees, customers, and communities will benefit from Dreampass, which is meant to make in-person events safer. Attendee registration management, COVID-19 vaccine and/or testing status verification, and testing vendor integration to aid issue testing kits are just a few of the capabilities. Following that, Dreampass permits admission coupled with extensive test results and a personalized QR code. Notifications and messaging can be provided directly to the attendee in the event of protocol changes or potential exposure.

Monitoring allows companies to conduct manual contact tracing in a more secure and safe manner by gathering only the information needed from diseased or potentially exposed persons and developing visual maps of contacts to track potential epidemics.

Immunization management enables governments and organizations to quickly manage large-scale vaccine programs, including inventory management, appointment scheduling, result tracking, public health notifications, and more.

Healthcare businesses may customize patient experiences and deliver hybrid healthcare experiences in numerous care environments with value-based care from anywhere. It's also meant to link together care teams in order to improve patient outcomes, as well as corporate productivity and public health operations.

“With Health Cloud 2.0, Salesforce is expanding their capabilities in areas like care from anywhere, digital health credentialing, contact tracing, vaccine management, and more, so that employees, customers, and communities can thrive in the new status quo,” says Kevin Riley.

Watch the Dreamforce ‘21 keynote for more on Health Cloud 2.0.

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