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Automation and Integration Are Easy With MuleSoft

Salesforce, the market leader in CRM recently unveiled MuleSoft's latest generation, a unified platform for automation, integration, and APIs that makes it simple to automate any process and enable any team, technical or otherwise, to respond to ongoing change and increasing business complexity.

The workaround now offers no-code capabilities for quickly connecting data from any system, such as Slack, Stripe, and Workday, with MuleSoft Composer. MuleSoft RPA (robotic process automation) automates repetitive manual tasks using bots. In order to help save time, boost productivity, and provide better experiences, Salesforce Flow1, a comprehensive suite of automation technologies across Customer 360—incorporates the new capabilities fully. Sales teams, for example, can close deals more quickly, and customer service representatives can sync customer records more quickly to enhance communication with consumers.

With MuleSoft RPA,

Any process can be automated for any team.

Use point-and-click tools to quickly capture and automate your workflows, whether they are presented in a user interface, document, or image.

Work together on a reliable, secure platform.

Encourage seamless collaboration between business and IT teams and the breaking down of silos at every stage of your automation journey.

End-to-end automation at scale.

Utilize Anypoint Platform, Composer, and Salesforce Customer 360 to safely reuse and compose RPA.

Connect with and automate your company

MuleSoft RPA, which was specifically created for every team, eliminates manual processes and tasks, from basic automation to complex ones.

MuleSoft RPA achieves end-to-end automation at scale and delivers intelligent automation anywhere thanks to its seamless integration with Anypoint Platform and Composer.

  • Digitize data retrieval and entry in both legacy and contemporary applications.

  • Extract information from spreadsheets, emails, web pages, and other sources.

  • Automatically identify and extract text from screens and images.

  • Orchestrate intricate workflows with many steps and systems.

Every team will benefit from the future of work thanks to modern, simple automation and integration.

Businesses are concentrating on efficient growth, cost savings, and productivity due to macroeconomic uncertainty in markets, hiring, prices, and other areas. According to recent Salesforce research, over 90% have noticed an increase in business teams' demand for time-saving automation over the past two years. However, the all-digital, remote working environment has increased the number of systems and data that businesses must connect and manage, posing integration challenges that impede automation progress. And 96% of businesses find it challenging to change existing automation when new systems are required or business requirements change.

MuleSoft Automation addresses these issues by providing customers with the following options:

Automate intelligently everywhere

Any team can use MuleSoft RPA to replace tedious, manual tasks with bots that can process data intelligently from any system, document, image, or legacy user interface. Additionally, these bots can be safely shared and used by different teams.

Anything can be automated and integrated

The leading integration and API management platform from MuleSoft, Anypoint Platform, seamlessly integrates with MuleSoft RPA and MuleSoft Composer. Automations can take advantage of a large number of connectors to crucial systems, including direct API calls made by professionals.

Utilize clicks rather than code to accelerate innovation

Both MuleSoft Composer and MuleSoft RPA were created with business teams in mind and seamlessly connect applications using pre-made enterprise connectors and automation tools.

Realize scaled end-to-end automation

By seamlessly integrating RPA bots with Salesforce Customer 360, Anypoint Platform, and MuleSoft Composer, teams can use MuleSoft RPA to automate workflows across numerous systems and apps.

keep democratic accountability and security in place

Any automation and integration created using APIs or bots can be governed, monitored, and secured by IT teams using the Anypoint Platform.

Are you ready to give any system and process the power of automation? If yes, MuleSoft is the answer to all your automation-related requirements. Get in touch with our expert team at Apphienz to get a jump start. Visit our website for more information and write to us at in case of any further queries.


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