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Can Salesforce Help Drive Digital Transformation?

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Today, more and more organizations are shifting from the physical to the digital space. Technology has come to the forefront of business strategy, and technical roles are abundant, with innovations creating even more roles and specializations.

These realities are well and good for startups and young firms since they are probably agile. However, large organizations with traditions and legacies need a partner who could help them navigate this new reality. Salesforce can be that partner, especially for companies looking for a complete digital transformation for both the employees and customers. What's more, companies with Salesforce jump start packages can help businesses hit the ground running in terms of digital transformation.

Why Embrace Digital Developments?

The majority of consumers today are knowledgeable about what makes an incredible customer journey or experience. They now expect the company's personality to shine through from start to finish. A company that capitalizes on new technology positions itself well for addressing these customer expectations.

How Does Salesforce Enable the Shift to Digital?

Salesforce customers come from a range of industries, and many are global leaders who integrate tech in various aspects of their operations. From cloud-based platforms to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, many companies leverage technology to improve their relationships with customers and deliver a personalized experience.

One example of a company using Salesforce is Sweaty Betty. Since 2018, it has used Salesforce Commerce Cloud for e-commerce, leveraging the platform for growth. The company has integrated Commerce Cloud with its warehousing and ERP systems as well. Doing so has enabled them to stay on top of their inventory; Commerce Cloud notifies them if items are going out of stock. A simple feature like this enables Sweaty Betty to provide a better service to its customers.

Another company that has successfully integrated technology in its operations is MoneySuperMarket. This insurance company has personalized its marketing communications thanks to Salesforce. Because of Marketing Cloud, they have been able to create tailored campaigns and communications. In the past, they sent a lot of transactional emails. They had some degree of success with that, but Marketing Cloud has allowed them to send 297 million fewer messages and increase their click-through rate by 20 percent at the same time. MoneySuperMarket has used its customer data to drive engagement and improve operational efficiency in their team.

Tech Integrations for Company Success

A company must define success in terms of how well it serves the customers. All business transformations should enable the company to streamline its services, improve its offerings, and show customers that they are at the center of everything the business does.

Salesforce believes in putting its clients first as well. The sales platform gears its innovations for customer success; everything they do aims to make things simple for their clients. With the introduction of Salesforce Customer 360, companies can build a holistic view of the customer experience. From sales to marketing, services, and more, companies will have a single platform to tweak and improve on the customer journey.


Putting the customer first has always been at the heart of what Salesforce does. Innovations like the Salesforce Customer 360 allow businesses to deliver cohesive cross-channel experiences and integrate data on one platform. With innovations like these, managing a business will be much smoother and better suited for digital-first commerce.

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