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Classic vs. Lightning. Which Is the Better Salesforce?

There's really no denying that technology has taken huge leaps in the past decades. In the advent of app development reaching newer and higher levels in recent years, applications have become more accessible to businesses.

In 2014, Salesforce's goal was to empower businesses in the IT domain. With that being said, developers created the Salesforce Lightning Platform that allowed users to create their applications.

What is the Salesforce Classic Platform?

Salesforce Classic was the interface of the world's most popular CRM platform. Unfortunately, due to its text-centricity, large amount of wasted space, and few graphical elements shown at low resolution, the UI now appears antiquated. As a result, new users have a hard time navigating the Classic UI and completing Salesforce implementations.

What is the Salesforce Lightning Platform?

Salesforce Lightning is next generation, with a reimagined user interface, a strong framework for rapid and easy app creation, and the AppExchange ecosystem for ready-to-use solutions. Allow everyone in your company to benefit from Lightning's strength and functionality, from executives to business users to administrators and developers.

Known as the updated version of the Salesforce Classic, the Salesforce Lightning Platform allows you to create modern apps quickly and easily. It's an innovative combination of a Lightning app builder, designing system, and components that help you design smart design enterprise applications.

When one compares Salesforce Classic to other CRM competitors, they will notice a significant difference and that it's relatively obsolete. However, owing to Lightning Experience, the game of CRM has altered, with a focus on information-centric visualizations and perhaps more.

In this article, we'll dig a bit deeper into Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning and see which is a better choice for your business. Let's take a look!

The Biggest Differences Between Classic and Lightning Salesforce

1. Enhances User Interface and Experience

When it comes to designing applications, one of the most important aims for developers is to provide a user with an efficient and remarkable experience. The Salesforce Lightning offers impressive interface updates that allow users to utilize functional components to make designing and developing much easier, such as drag-and-drop.

Besides that, Lightning also eliminates the need for Visual-force, wherein every code created must be tested before it's deployed. Although this is great to find more bugs and improvements in the process, Lightning prevents these tedious tasks altogether.

2. Better Security

When you choose Salesforce Lightning, you'll be happy to know that it comes with enhanced security. This means that it uses LockerServices that allow Lightning components to separate from each other, giving your platform more security from malicious data. Unfortunately, you can't find this type of feature with Salesforce Classic.

In Salesforce Lightning, you'll also notice that permissions are quite a game-changer in this platform, allowing you to raise security levels and access while you're in session.

3. Utilizes Einstein Wave Analytics

Besides having a strong user interface and security upgrade, Salesforce Lightning also provides access to Einstein Analytics reporting. This feature allows users to create graphs, charts, and lists, thanks to the help of Lightning's dashboard, which aids you in viewing important metrics.

Einstein Analytics gathers data from Salesforce and updates its report automatically on an hourly basis. Besides that, Einstein Analytics also provides dashboard exports, widget editing, and advanced formula calculation.

4. Progressive Platform for Seamless Lead Generation

Many people were intimidated by the vast updates that Lightning provided, but slowly, they realized that the transition and compatibility issues were addressed. This made the platform evolve into something bigger, allowing support for all custom metadata objects, improving company workflow and productivity.

With that being said, even if the Classic allows you to create leads, Lightning offers more features that can help manage sales processes better. With that, you get to generate more leads and improve customer management, making this a great Salesforce-managed service.

The Bottom Line: Salesforce Lightning is the Best Choice

The time has come for the Lightning Experience! Although Salesforce Classic isn't going away anytime soon, all new Salesforce features are exclusively available in Lightning Experience. Without a doubt, Lightning Experience is the place to be and when you know your business goals and how you want to run your business, it goes without saying that Salesforce Lightning takes the cake.

With its impressive performance updates, customizable features, and convenient user interface, you can finally develop applications that will help create a better and more productive workflow.

How Can Apphienz Help You?

Whether you're switching from classic to lightning or you're looking into enhancing your capabilities with the Salesforce platform, Apphienz is here to help you.

We are a Salesforce consulting partner that provides clients with support in maintaining their Salesforce Instance and guides them in developing new applications through consultation and training. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, connect with us today!


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