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Creating A Salesforce Platform Event With Lightning Flow

Platform events are used to integrate Salesforce business operations with external sources via the exchange of real-time event data. Platform events are safe and easy to scale. Customize your platform event data by defining fields.

Salesforce's enterprise communications platform includes platform events. The platform has an event-driven communications architecture that allows apps to communicate both within and outside of Salesforce.

A platform event is similar to a custom object, except it is exclusively used to connect with Salesforce by external services. To give an example, if a system uploads data to a Salesforce endpoint, the data should be collected and the data in Salesforce should be updated. Of course, you can use a large number of lines of code to repeatedly receive and retrieve data from the endpoint, or you can simply wait for data to be posted, at which point an event will be triggered, and the next steps will be taken.

7 easy steps to create a Platform Event

Step 1: In the Setup Home search, look for ‘Platform event' and click on it.

Step 2: To create a new platform event, click the ‘New Platform Event' button.

Step 3: Fill in the Platform Event Information. Label, Description, and Publish Behavior, for example.

The name of the Platform Event API ends in __e. Which shows demonstrate that it is an event object?

A salesforce object is comparable to an event object. You can also create a custom field here.

These fields will appear in the JSON output when a subscriber subscribes to these events.

On the event platform object, you can define a trigger. After Insert is the only time it will fire.

Step 4: Now type Flow into the Setup search box and select it.

Step 5: To create a new Flow, click the New Flow Button.

Auto-launched is the option to choose flow and create.

Step 6: Click the New Flow Button to start a new Flow.

The option to choose flow and create is auto-launched.

Step 7: You may now access the JSON message supplied by the Platform event using the Invocable Method.

On the flow builder, add an Action event.

When Flow has finished listening to an event, it will no longer list it. Between platform event and flow, we must use process builder to continue listing the events.

With these steps, you will be able to create a seamless platform event with Lightning Flow.

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