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Customize your Buying Experience with the Salesforce for Retail Breakthrough

At the beginning of this year, Salesforce released a number of new innovations to assist retailers in increasing and optimizing advertising sales, obtaining a unified view of transactions across digital and physical stores, and maximizing the value of their customer data. New Salesforce for Retail Media technologies assists companies in utilizing that first-party data, providing them with fresh audience insights, improved targeting, and the tools they need to increase ad revenue. With Salesforce for Retail Media businesses can;

  • Streamline connections with advertisers, increase operational effectiveness, and shorten sales cycles using automation and workflows.

  • Utilize actionable insights and timely reports to improve the performance of your campaigns.

  • Give ad buyers direct access to target audiences, and combine first-party data.

By leveraging first-party data, salesforce for Retail Media aims to assist retailers in increasing advertising income, scaling media operations and sales, and optimizing campaign success.

Departmental stores: Optimize your stores and employees to help integrate physical and digital shopping experiences.

Supermarkets: Transform shopper, retail, and employee engagement with an integrated platform.

How do advances in the Commerce Cloud and collaborations generate seamless shopping experiences?

Businesses must devise new tactics to increase sales and profit margins while enhancing productivity and lowering expenses. To shorten time to value, simplify operations, and encourage repeat business at merchants' online stores, new Commerce Cloud features to provide seamless experiences. With the help of Commerce Cloud, retailers can:

  • Increase fulfillment capacity, automate payments, and streamline operations

  • With improvements to Composable Storefront like a new shopper context API, pre-built analytics and dashboards, and new implementation accelerators and integrations, you can shorten time to value and boost conversion rates.

  • With the help of a fresh alliance between Salesforce, Stripe, and Mad Mobile, you may obtain a unified view of transactions across digital and physical locations.

How does Genie's integrated data improve brand efficiency and consumer-centric services?

Retailers can enhance efficiency by lowering integration costs, unlocking value from their existing customer data, breaking down data silos, and controlling data quality with new technologies powered by Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud. They'll gain from it;

  • By automating data management with the new Marketing Cloud Intelligence Data Control Center, you can guarantee that performance and reporting data are accurate and trustworthy.

  • Add information from Azure Data Lake Storage to customer profiles to improve channel personalization.

  • Utilizing the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail, you can synchronize customer, sales order, product, and inventory data throughout systems to produce a single shopper view, tailor marketing interactions, and see real-time inventory.

Hence, drive down costs while increasing loyalty with Salesforce for Retail. With the right amalgamation of AI, Data, and CRM, you can put the customer at the heart of every encounter and manage your retail media network from a single integrated platform.

Are you looking for a seamless customization experience with Salesforce? Look no further and get in touch with our experts at Apphienz. Visit our website for more information and write to us in case of any further queries.


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