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How Can Nonprofits Protect Their Data?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Security breaches that are both likely to arise and have the potential to cause significant harm are classified as prime importance. Many nonprofit organizations collect and store sensitive personal data that is constitutionally defined as confidential. When the confidentiality of such data is breached, it presents a risk for both the people whose data was disclosed and the nonprofit, which can now be held liable for the leak. Any nonprofit should, at the very least, evaluate the risks of a data security breach and safeguard its data from unauthorised disclosure.

Given the unique characteristics of the organizations and their need to operate for collective, public, or social benefit, nonprofits need to protect themselves to survive. One of the most crucial components of NPO survival is digital transformation. As the decision-makers of the organization, founders and managers must take the first step to digital transformation: centralizing data.

Immersing your nonprofit into the digital world by way of platforms such as Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud spells the potential for good outcomes like greater visibility, more donations, and higher levels of activity from backers. As you continue to help your organization migrate to a new system of drives, cloud-based folders, social media, and digital communications, however, it’s crucial to hold one thing in mind: data is everything.

Nonprofit Data Must Be Protected

Although the advent of digital evolution is considered a catalyst for development across all industries, it also acts as a sort of double-edged sword. With data in a place that is simultaneously more protected yet more accessible than ever before, firms are privy to the risk of cybersecurity threats.

From phishing scams and malware work to DDoS attacks, the list of risks that come with simply using digital technology nowadays is near endless. The risks of running into dire situations only increase even more when it comes to data because nonprofits that centralize their data online make it easier for hackers access—a threat that extends to various forms of information, like:

  • Spreadsheets

  • Manual workflows

  • Approvals

  • Reporting

  • Cloud drives

  • And other mission-critical data.

How Can You Protect Your Nonprofit’s Data?

The world has changed immensely over the past few years, and navigating your way through 2021 as an NPO demands a new strategy. With all this talk of how digital transformation makes room for vulnerabilities and persistent cyber threats, there’s good news: you can protect your organization.

Here are our two biggest tips:

Invest in Proper Training

One key fact that any nonprofit should be aware of is that digital vulnerability is heavily rooted in human error. In fact, one in two cases of data loss within the Salesforce ecosystem is due to a mistake made on the team!

Proper training can mitigate data loss by minimizing the chances of human error. The best way you can defeat such threats is by running annual training sessions that allow volunteers and core members to practice proper online safety habits as well as troubleshooting skills. One such example of a form of proper training that can help your nonprofit remain as secure as possible is Appheinz’s Salesforce Training service!

Use Secure Cloud Backup Solutions

When it comes to protecting data as best as possible, storing your sensitive information and documents using a solution that encrypts and safeguards data makes all the difference. These measures can hamper the degree of accessibility hackers have to them. Through the help of a secure cloud backup solution, you’ll be able to ensure that your data is accessible by your nonprofit alone and regularly backed up in case of breaches and wipes.


Digital transformation presents a critical opportunity that your nonprofit can use to maximize impact. However, it’s crucial to take the appropriate measures to safeguard mission-critical data and avoid losing resources, whether to the advances of malicious individuals or human error. By taking the time to keep the key points mentioned above in mind, you’ll be able to provide your organization with the leverage it needs to advance while positioning it for success.

If you feel like you aren’t getting the most out of your Salesforce and your data is going unprotected, remember that there’s nothing wrong with seeking help. Our Salesforce Managed Services and Support can assist you with aligning technology with intention, automating menial tasks, training your staff and taking advantage of cost savings. Sign up today!


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