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Deliver Transparency and Collaboration with Manufacturing Cloud

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The manufacturing industry is unique in many ways. With so many parties involved in a single project and big contracts at stake, it’s crucial for companies to prioritize transparency and collaboration.

Manufacturing Cloud: An Overview

Salesforce recognized the need for manufacturing companies to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that keeps their unique requirements in mind. In response, they created Manufacturing Cloud, a product specifically designed for the industry. This software can help companies to:

  • Consolidate sales agreement information

  • Enhance collaboration between planning, sales, finance, and operations teams

  • Proactively manage client relationships

  • Provide actionable insights

Large-scale projects can only keep moving forward if all parties are on the same page. Manufacturing Cloud offers one consolidated source of truth, ensuring even project leads can understand what happens on the ground.

Transparency and Manufacturing Cloud

With one single software that tracks every step of the process, transparency is enhanced. Whether details of the sales agreement, contract, or product mix are needed, the relevant team members can easily access that information and make decisions. There’s no need to guess or estimate. All the information is readily available all in one place.

When it comes to projects with such high stakes, it’s natural for clients to want transparency through every step of the process. With Manufacturing Cloud, communication between sales and operations teams is as streamlined as possible. The visibility throughout every step of the process gives customers assurance that everything is going as planned.

Collaboration and Manufacturing Cloud

Community Cloud is a feature that allows for real-time visibility and collaboration between customers, channel partners, and employees. In an industry where minimizing slack is of utmost importance, this is invaluable and helps to accelerate planning. The easy access to the sales processes, key account activity, and service issues allow teams to quickly communicate with customers and solve problems proactively. This is a groundbreaking revelation for manufacturers that have yet to consolidate every part of the production process into one easy software solution.

Use Manufacturing Cloud to Optimize Your Processes

Every team in your manufacturing company—sales, operations, marketing, and more—can benefit from the greater visibility that Manufacturing Cloud provides. And with increased transparency, teams can collaborate more effectively.

In an era where so many other alternative options are readily available, it’s important for you to stand out from the crowd to keep closing new deals. The software can help you serve your customers better and cater to their specific needs while ensuring your teams stay on track.


Today's innovations and breakthroughs can make a big impact on the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Cloud is a transformational product that can speed up and enhance the way your company already runs. In doing so, you will be able to keep up with the market and customer demands.

The software delivers when it comes to transparency and collaboration, and even has features such as Community Cloud, which reduces latency in the planning process, and Einstein Analytics, which offers actionable insights that allow for better decision-making.

It's time to give your business the transformation it deserves. With Apphienz's cloud-managed services, providing customers top-notch services and data-driven plans will be highly effective. Contact us today for more details.

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