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Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts by Integrating Your Organization's System With Salesforce

As per's Nonprofit Trends Report (3rd Edition), the pandemic forced 71 percent of organizations polled to speed up their transition to digital programs or events last year. More platforms, apps, and disconnected locations collecting and aggregating data meant more platforms, apps, and disconnected locations. It's easy to wind up with a slew of data silos, none of which provide a complete picture of a supporter's activity (Source:

Fundraising efforts can be hampered if donor information is kept separate. This is because fundraisers at all levels of the pyramid are missing out on critical information that might help them better create relationships, communicate effectively, and elicit support for the purpose. Worse, when some of that segregated data is outdated or simply incorrect, interactions with donors can be harmed.

When organizations employ a core Salesforce CRM database like Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), as well as a variety of ‘satellite' databases for online giving, fundraising events, email marketing, eCommerce, volunteers, and other things, data integrity is critical. Otherwise, users of your data will be at a barrier, and the term data-driven will be meaningless.

The three Cs of data integrity are currency, cleanliness, and completeness. Data can be used reliably and strategically to generate increased donor acquisition and retention when a nonprofit's Salesforce database is current, clean, and complete. That data may be used in cogent messaging and other fundraising engagements to provide a personalized and appealing experience for both prospects and existing donors. This is what it requires to have the three Cs synchronized with your information security.

The data needs to be up-to-date

The authenticity of a nonprofit's data will have a direct impact on how funders and other supporters perceive — and respond to — it. Supporter information is stored in a variety of systems. Your Salesforce system can easily become out of date and stale if you don't integrate that information in a timely manner, or if it gets lost in the flow.

Contacts may be pulled into the inaccurate groups and sent unsuitable solicitation material if direct marketing segments are pulled before the most recent gifts have been added from transaction pages. If Salesforce's event participation data isn't up to date, contacts may receive incorrect event information or no information at all about the event in the issue. And, if Salesforce's email settings aren't up to date, contacts may receive the wrong email at the wrong time.

The data should be as safe as possible

Unsanitary data is the greatest adversary of legitimacy among donors. This covers everything from incorrect biographical and mailing information to duplicate data to contact names with incorrect casing (for example, “johnson oneill” instead of “Johnson O'Neill”). And, as more biographical data is imported into major systems from external internet sources, it's not uncommon for supporters to inadvertently misquote their private details.

The usual import fails to match mistyped email with actual email, resulting in the creation of a new (duplicate) record with an inaccurate email address. On paper, the donating history is now muted. Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud makes sure to protect and secure the donor's data.

The data must be comprehensive

No one in the organization has a complete picture of their donors when data is kept in silos. Similarly, no one can effectively manage groups of supporters that share common features since information about them is dispersed and kept independently.

Users across the firm can get a full, thorough, and complete view of every supporter by successfully combining data from numerous source systems into Salesforce’s CRM database. Moreover, fundraisers and marketers can confidently and effectively categorize supporters based on shared criteria.

This allows donors and prospects to be involved in the most relevant and successful ways imaginable, whether individually or in groups.

A Way to Address The Three Cs

Data from all different stakeholders may be blended into your Salesforce system in a fast and efficient manner using effective integration tools, ensuring that information is constantly fresh and current. By employing advanced matching criteria to determine whether a ‘new' record from an external source is actually already in the CRM, integration software designed specifically for NGOs may ensure that your Salesforce database is constantly clean and free of duplicates. Furthermore, the software can correctly ‘case' the names of contacts and accounts.

Nonprofit integration software allows consolidating data from ancillary systems into Salesforce simple and painless, ensuring that Salesforce users always have a complete picture of donors and other supporters. Salesforce can be updated daily or as often as needed, given the process is straightforward.

Upon implementation, companies have been known to remark on their excel and how rapidly gift data and biographical updates are included in the system. There will be no more working overtime or giving up weekends or holidays to complete administrative responsibilities.

However, the unexpected value of recent, clear, and comprehensive data is strategic as well as tactical. High-quality data, if quickly linked into Salesforce, can give fundraisers a leg up when it comes to pulling marketing segments, ensuring that campaigns are never delayed. On the basis of timely nuances in supporter behavior, discrete portions can be examined. Frequent donors can also be acknowledged faster, as well as easily identified and suppressed so that they do not receive awkward re-solicitations so soon after making a donation.

While being ‘data-driven isn't about technology in and of itself, it may make maintaining data integrity simple rather than difficult, allowing you to be ‘data-driven on a regular basis and with confidence. You will naturally engage and keep contributors more successfully, raise more funds, and have more resources for objective fulfillment when your data is comprehensive, accurate, and thorough.

Hence, it is extremely important to integrate your organization’s system with Salesforce.

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