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Essentials Question To Gauge Digital Transformation Of An Organization

In an internet-driven world that demands an online presence to stay in tune with the evolving marketplace, every industry needs to keep up with the virtual tide and employ strategies to join the digital transformation especially when Covid-19 has brought an unexpected turn of events.

Integrating newer technology is important for every business, but it’s especially challenging for non-profit organizations. Despite the setbacks, it’s a sector that needs a sophisticated system just like the rest for future-proofing and propels itself forward no matter the turn of events.

Non-profit organizations that fully employed a digital transformation strategy are seen as successful groups that are resilient, flexible, and sustainable. But if you’re only starting on this technological journey, there may be some critical questions you need to ask before taking the plunge:

1. Where Should My Organization Start?

There are plenty of ways to approach your digital transformation, and every industry is different, so it’s crucial to analyze your mission and narrow down your priorities. Non-profit organizations typically gravitate toward areas that involve improving internal connections and processes across multiple channels.

By employing better coordination, this digital transformation can improve research on products, services, and customers, all of which work together to create a positive customer experience moving forward. The goal for most organizations is to fully comprehend how minor changes to pacing, platforms, material, and calls to action affect fundraising so that each solicitation can be maximized. Can you predict how much money your campaigns will bring in? Do you know how to manipulate fundraising results by pulling the right levers? These are some of the pivotal questions that you need to ask before embarking on the journey to digital transformation and if your answer to the above-asked questions is NO then it is time to think about your data management strategies.

2. What Metrics Should You Focus on When Collecting Data?

Every improvement strategy needs clear evidence as a guiding principle, so your organization needs to gather valuable data to succeed in your digital transformation. The key is to identify metrics that would best serve your current goals and determine whether your approach is relevant to today’s business models.

Collecting data also ensures your investments positively impact your bottom line and mitigates you from spending on a strategy that uses obsolete technology.

Do you have the data you need to make key strategic decisions? Is it simple to find and exchange data when there is a problem to solve that requires several teams? While some charities have advanced significantly in this region, many are still struggling with the first step of determining which metrics to collect. What part of the continuum are you on?

If you are skeptical about either of them, then you need to consider going for CRM solutions and who better than Salesforce to go for. Salesforce NPSP has all the solutions to your fundraising and program management needs.

3. How Do You Apply Personalization to Your Digital Transformation?

Introducing new programs to your organization primarily improves your efficiency and productivity, but it should also consider its personalization and how it impacts your participants. Making an effort to provide meaningful engagement for your supporters can enhance your organization overall, but it also ensures your technology is designed to effectively connect you to the right people.

Ask yourself, if you have a customized experience for each donor, volunteer, and partner based on their needs and preferences? Have you tailored our programs and services to meet the unique requirements of our customers? Every audience expects personalization, and those that provide it will be more loyal and supportive of the companies that provide it. If you are unsure about these questions, you need to think about automating your marketing efforts. Salesforce offers marketing automation which allows you to offer customized solutions for each donor.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Key Questions to Ask When Joining the Digital Shift

Beyond leaving a digital footprint, embracing this change involves integrating technology to iron out your workflow’s inefficiencies and ensure you find better ways to reach your goals.

How Can Apphienz Help You?

Customer Relationship Management can be challenging for non-profit organizations — whether you're new or have been existing for years. Thankfully, Apphienz has made it easier for you to operate and reach your business's goals.

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