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Field Service Tools in Salesforce to Uplift Global Workforces

Salesforce has introduced four new features for Field Service to help companies maximize their mobile workforce. These features revolve around boosting the service's resources to handle high-complex jobs and allow mobile workflows to be much more seamless to boost productivity and even provide customers with a better experience. With customers expecting companies to continue delivering quality services despite the challenges of the mobile work environment, these features will be incredibly valuable for the companies.

That said, let us talk about these new features that Salesforce Field Service has to offer to boost your mobile workforce:

1. Improved Scheduling and Optimization

A major struggle for scheduling field service resources is how complex the process can be. For instance, it is often hard for companies to know how many resources they need at a given time, how best to schedule them, and where to send them in the field. Salesforce Field Service has introduced a new scheduler feature to identify the right resources for the right jobs to maximize efficiency.

With this feature, organizations will also schedule resources more dynamically. This means that they will be able to schedule resources based on the resources' skills, past knowledge, and even the client's requirements. This will allow companies to schedule and reschedule resources on the go, even during the actual field engagement. At the same time, companies can better allocate resources according to the actual need, thus saving time, energy, and money.

2. Custom Web Components for Field Service

Every organization is bound to have different procedures and requirements for their field service, and these procedures and requirements can be quite different from those of the client. With Salesforce Field Service, companies can now create custom web components to meet their own specific business needs. Hence, companies can now develop highly customized components for their field service jobs.

With this feature, companies will be able to add specific web components for particular jobs, therefore making the process much more dynamic and flexible. This can also enable companies to create more effective, flexible, and responsive applications for field service requirements.

3. Visual Real-Time Remote Assistant

With the introduction of the Visual Real-Time Remote Assistant feature, companies will now be able to provide their customers with a real-time view of their technician's screen. This can be done from any smartphone or tablet by using the Salesforce1 Mobile app and will allow companies to provide their customers with a much better experience than before.

This feature will also allow companies to enhance the service they provide to their customers by highlighting the specific issues they are facing. Companies can also get on-site updates and communicate with their technicians in real-time, enabling them to provide their customers with a much better experience than before while allowing themselves to boost their brand image.


Salesforce has introduced some incredible new features to help companies optimize their field service resources and enhance their mobile workforce. Every business is now looking for ways to make the most out of their mobile workforce, and Salesforce has done precisely that! These new features will help companies make their field service more efficient and streamlined, help provide a better experience for the customers and reduce costs, overall boosting its bottom line and maximizing revenue.

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