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How to Make Your Fundraising Campaigns More Effective With Salesforce

Salesforce has earned its place as one of the most intuitive and comprehensive CRM solutions in the market today that’s been used by many businesses. While it’s definitely a popular choice for for-profit businesses, did you know that nonprofit organizations can also take advantage of the full range of Salesforce features for their fundraising efforts? Read on to find out how Salesforce for nonprofits work and how it can revolutionize fundraising events like no other software can.

How Can Salesforce be used in a Fundraising Campaign?

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) turns the typical CRM framework into a CRM that’s built for nonprofit organizations, enabling you to track the most important aspects of nonprofit projects and fundraising.

Salesforce fundraising campaigns utilize the “campaign” object to track the effectiveness of your marketing outreach during an extended period of time while your nonprofit is raising money. If you’re curious about the different ways your nonprofit can leverage Salesforce campaigns for your fundraising efforts, here’s what you can do:


For any nonprofit organization, email can become a crucial marketing tool, especially if you want to keep track of your Salesforce fundraising campaign. You can link your email recipient directly to online resources like your giving page or event registration.

Once you’ve set up your email campaign, you can then use the metrics in Salesforce to measure its success. Some key metrics to measure include open rates, click-through rates, and the number of donations received as a result of your email stream.

Event Marketing

Salesforce for nonprofits can be quite a versatile tool when used to aid your event marketing efforts. You can easily monitor the rate at which people are viewing and reading your digital marketing content. Additionally, you can also use Salesforce fundraising campaigns to track the return on investment at any of your events. From event registrations to business cards collected, all these metrics can be tracked and analyzed through Salesforce.

Suppose you choose to analyze event registrations and event check-ins; you can take your analysis a step further by looking at what marketing initiatives were most successful. This application allows you to see how many registrations there were versus the actual number of attendees, making your future event planning more effective. Remember, when you use Salesforce fundraising campaigns to measure your event’s success, you also gain the ability to track each step in the process of hosting the event, from the early stages of marketing to post-event follow-ups.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Of course, your organization is more likely to use other platforms aside from email or direct mail to pull in donations. To make your campaign more effective, you’ll probably incorporate multiple outreach platforms into each of your fundraising campaigns to further encourage more donations.

Luckily, you can set up a multi-touch attribution model with Salesforce. This model recognizes the fact that your nonprofit utilizes multiple marketing channels to appeal to more donors. When executed well, the multi-touch attribution is the most effective way to track your Salesforce fundraising campaigns.


Using Salesforce for your events and fundraising campaigns gives you a level of flexibility and efficiency that you won’t find anywhere else. As long as you integrate complete fundraising and marketing automation platform with Salesforce, your organization can benefit from all these features.

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