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How Salesforce is Changing Financial Services for the Better

We all know how the banking, insurance, and wealth management industries can be quite chaotic with multiple departments and the constant changes in technology. Even the more established companies struggle to keep things in line and provide the best possible customer experience. This is why these companies must have a single platform that helps them serve their clients and customers in the best way possible. Let's look at what Salesforce has in store for these companies.

The Latest in Salesforce Technology

Recently, Salesforce announced its expanded financial services offerings, focusing completely on banking, wealth management, and insurance institutions. Salesforce for Financial Services unveiled the latest addition to their arsenal, which is more targeted and trusted automation and AI-powered by the Client.

Since Salesforce is one of the leading cloud platforms for customer service, service, and sales. They are the world's largest provider of CRM and the top enterprise cloud company, according to Forbes. They already have an established presence in the financial services sector, and Salesforce continues to spread its wings.

Introducing Client 360

Salesforce for Financial Services presents Client 360, which is the latest in automation that will provide better insights, deliver excellent customer service, and drive operational efficiencies. This new offering will enable financial institutions to automate the simplest tasks, personalize service engagement, and unlock insights that you would never have access to before. This will equip you with everything you need to better anticipate your customer's needs.

Client 360 is just one of the 12 industry-specific solutions rolled out by Salesforce that focuses on the platform's intelligent automation application that enables companies to deliver excellent customer service, increase sales, and streamline operations. It's very much like Patient 360 for healthcare and Education 360, which is for the education sector. This time, Client 360 helps institutions unleash the full potential of financial services.

The Future of Client Experience for Financial Services

Salesforce recently conducted a new survey showing how customers prefer more digital interactions with financial services. Around 78% of banking customers had their initial connection with a financial institution through a website or a mobile app. This just further proves that these institutions need a platform that they can rely on to process all those digital interactions and make sure they have the best possible experience.

With Client 360 paired with Salesforce for Financial services innovations, customers can expect truly intelligent automation, and the solution is capable of personalizing interactions with customers and employees, delivering insights, proactively calling customers, and streamlining the processes that are most important to finance professionals. Some of the features you need to look out for include:

  • Customer Data Platform

  • Intelligent Agent Desktop

  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant

  • Customer Service Coordination

  • Analytics for Financial Services


Salesforce for Financial Services solutions are very promising, and the company will continue to roll out more and more features that will help these companies improve their operations and customer service. If you're part of the financial services industry, you should take advantage of these services so you can keep up with changes and customer service expectations.

In this day and age, building your business into an efficient and profitable company requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. That's why Apphienz is here to help you achieve that through the effective application of Salesforce. We provide exceptional Salesforce services to help you grow your business. Get in touch with us today!


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