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How To Wow Your Customers Through Salesforce - #CNX22 Insights

The world’s largest and greatest Salesforce Marketing conference #CNX22 took place in Chicago on the 8th and 9th of June, 2022 for all the Marketing Professionals. Salesforce is guided by its core values such as Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, and Sustainability has been constantly providing innovative, creative, and upgraded solutions to its partners and customers to stay on top of the market competition.

This year's conference had a brilliant start with the President and Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce, Sarah Franklin’s grand welcome with tumblers along with Brandy, The Fox’s stellar dance. It was a treat to watch them dance together. This was then followed by Sarah’s important keynote speech on how to Wow Your Customers through Salesforce.

We are now in the post-pandemic world where things are changing rapidly with higher customer demands than ever before while also maintaining tons and tons of data security. Moreover, every company is expected to deliver quality services and products on a slimmer budget by crunching a lot of numbers. Also, around 30% of revenue lost due to cookieless future, there are a lot of things at stake and this is where new updates and innovations in sales, service and marketing cloud come at play, where it becomes extremely important to deliver high yielding services, build a strong network of relationships with your customers by connecting with them on a personal level to drive success.

We will take you through all the important points in this blog and by the end of it, you will know how to Wow Your Customers. Let’s dive right into it

According to Franklin, to Wow Your Customers means to “drive customer satisfaction and grow your royalty and revenue”.

1. Sales Cloud: Deliver efficient growth with the #1 CRM platform for digital Sales.

  • Sell from a single platform.

  • Increase your sales productivity.

  • Automate significant outcomes

2. Service Cloud: Scale service that customers love

  • Go digital to maximize productivity.

  • Customize interaction

  • Digitize the scaling process.

3. Marketing Cloud: Build trust relationships at scale with data-driven moments

  • Data can be used to unlock customer value.

  • Personify interactions across channels.

  • Enhance the success and spend

4. Commerce Cloud: Make every transaction more profitable

  • Move quickly with adaptable tools.

  • Automate the discovery and fulfillment processes.

  • Gain customer loyalty through connected commerce.

5. Tableau: Data everywhere, for everyone

  • Accelerated time to value with industry accelerators

  • Analytics for collaboration and action

  • AI-powered automated insights

6. MuleSoft: Automate anything Empower everyone

  • Integrate any system and access any data

  • Increase efficiency through end-to-end automation.

  • Provide a better customer experience more quickly.

7. Customer Data Platform: Personalize every moment

  • Connect data from various sources.

  • AI can help you find smarter segments.

  • Insights into action for a shorter time to value

8. Slack, your Digital HQ: A more flexible and connected way to work

  • Break down silos

  • Accept adaptability.

  • Automate your tasks.

9. Net Zero Cloud: Go net zero now

  • Efficiently manage sustainability data

  • Automate supplier emissions tracking

  • Forecast and reduce risk

10. Success: Vision to Value

  • Innovate with professional Services

  • Optimize with success plans

  • Scale with partners and AppExchange

Apart from these, two new Marketing career paths have been added on Trailhead, Content and Product Marketing It is easy to sign up and learn:

Hence, Salesforce has been a leader in philanthropy, Culture, and Innovation from the get-go and it only gets better every day by discovering new horizons. We are sure, after reading the blog you now have a better understanding of ways to Wow Your Customers.

Appheinz is a registered Salesforce partner and was recently recognized as a Ridge consulting partner. Get in touch with us today and let’s embark on the journey and Wow Your Customers. Visit our website for more information about us and write to us at in case of any queries.


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