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Light For Nonprofits After Luminate

Updated: May 17, 2021

Recently, Blackbaud revealed that Luminate CRM will be phased out on June 30, 2022. Blackbaud Luminate has a long successful past. This approach started as a set of various innovations aimed at making fundraising easier and solving common problems faced by nonprofits back in 2014. Luminate started as a Salesforce appexchange product eventually became a full-blown CRM solution for nonprofits. Back in the day Luminate was the best CRM in business especially pertaining to nonprofits.

Life After Luminate!

Now that Blackbaud will stop supporting Luminate, Nonprofits will have to look for other CRM solutions. When talking about the best CRM’s, none other than Salesforce comes to mind currently. Salesforce has been consistently and persistently ranked as the global leader in CRM. However, a decade ago, Salesforce specialized a greater deal in cloud computing, especially Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. But within the last few years, Salesforce has become the best CRM solution for nonprofits. It has launched some amazing products for nonprofits like NPSP, Nonprofit Clouds, etc., and programs like Power of Us.

Nonprofit Success Pack a.k.a NPSP is an out-of-the-box approach for handling partnerships, fundraising, and services by offering a 360-degree view of an organization and presenting a single source of truth. It uses the digital-first fundraising strategy that allows you to communicate with your supporters via personalized messaging through networks, allowing you to raise more money in less time and at a lower cost. Moreover, it is important to build meaningful, transparent, and lifelong relationships between your organization and communicate the right message at the right moment, and reward donors by demonstrating the real impact of your work. As a result, your organization will generate more diverse revenue in less time.

The ultimate goal of a nonprofit organization is to bring a change in the issues that matter globally be it anything from poverty to education to climate. This can be achieved by fundraising and organizing campaigns and events but there is a lot that goes behind the scenes like data management, keeping records of donors, accounts, etc. it is extremely important to use the latest technology and continuously evolving to be more efficient, productive, cost-effective and relevant at the same time to reap the maximum benefits. Without the latest technology, it is difficult to achieve the goals in this digital-first world.

Moving Forward!

If you are a nonprofit using Luminate it is the best time to start evaluating the process right now for a hassle-free transition process. Below is the timeline we recommend for a transition with minimal disruptions:

Salesforce also partners with thousands of consultants around the world so that even the smallest organization with a not-so-big team can take the advantage of the latest technology. If your nonprofit doesn’t have the resources to hire a skilled Salesforce team you can look for a Salesforce consulting partner in this case.

Apphienz is a Salesforce registered consulting partner specializing in nonprofits, SMBs, and Startups. We provide exceptional services catering to the needs of an organization by customization and personalization. We believe in Quality over quantity. Transparency, trust, honesty, and accountability is the very essence and the true virtue of our company that we hold close to our core.

If you are looking for consultants to help you help the world and solve the pressing issues that matter, connect with us today or you can write to us at We write regular blogs on subjects related to Salesforce. Do check them out to gain more insights. Let’s join hands and embark on a meaningful journey to make the world a better place!

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