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LinkedIn Live with Apphienz

According to a new study, by 2026, the Salesforce economy will have created 9.3 million jobs and generated $1.6 trillion in new revenue. Salesforce is also fueling massive growth for its partner ecosystem, which will earn $6.19 for every $1 Salesforce earns by 2026, according to the research

Keeping this into consideration, we at Apphienz have taken an initiative called “Build Your Career in Salesforce” LinkedIn Live Series where we invite industry leaders and experts to share their wisdom and insights on all things related to Salesforce. Our series is helping fill up the demand for rising Salesforce demand to build personal brands as well as quality Salesforce talents.

Our series is for anyone looking to build their career in the Salesforce ecosystem or who wants to take a notch further in their career. So far have been able to pick brains for several renowned and known individuals in the Salesforce ecosystem like Vicki Moritz Henry, Anil Pilania, Erika McEvilly, Tatiana Cooke, Houssam Saoudy, Jyothsna Bitra to name a few.

Apart from them, we have some interesting personalities lined up for our upcoming sessions like David Scott Nava, Doria Hamelryk, Lilith Van Biesen, Philippe Ozil so on and so forth. All of these are experts in their respective domains like Marketing Cloud, Salesforce MVP, CTA, Salesforce career coach a Navy Veteran, Salesforce Developer, etc.

Starting next year we have some pretty exciting things coming up for our audiences and we would like to take your topic suggestions into consideration. So if there is any particular topic that you have in mind or would like to feature as a guest speaker and impart your knowledge, write to us and we will be accommodating all your requests.


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