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Marketing Cloud Summer'21 Release Top Features

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

With Marketing cloud, send your customer the right message at the right time on the right platform and increase your reach. Get a panoramic view of your consumers to understand their needs and requirements. Salesforce’s latest features are designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency at the same time and generate substantial results for you and your consumers.

Have a look at the exciting new features.

1. With Marketing Cloud Package Manager, package and deploy more objects and activities.

Numerous products and actions are now supported by the Marketing Cloud Package Manager. When you develop and deploy a package, you can add Transactional Email, API Event, and Date-Based Event input sources in journeys. More automation operations, such as data transfer, file import, data extraction for data extensions, and verification, can be included. These feature additions are included in all Marketing Cloud subscriptions at no extra charge.

Select Package Manager from the Platform dropdown option to open your app. Visit this link for more information.

2. Cross-Cloud Integrations

Distributed Marketing Local Image Upload

Construct highly personalized campaigns by using the Local Image Upload option to upload photographs from your computer to Marketing Cloud. This functionality can be enabled for business users by the corporate marketing team.

How: To provide consumers a new picture option, enable this functionality in Marketing Cloud. Business users can pick Local instead of Image Library or URL to select an image from their PC. We suggest keeping the file size around 3 MB. You can crop the image before uploading it to Marketing Cloud if necessary.

3. Marketing Cloud Data Management

Increase Greater visibility and control On Missed Leads

A new Lead Capture Error Detail View in Advertising Studio Lead Capture displays a list of failed leads, the associated lead form error details, and the lead failure date. Use this data to fix formatting and other issues. You can retry failed leads in bulk as well.

Why: Consumers are frequently uninformed of the reasons why leads fail. Knowing the reason can limit your ability to properly resolve and retry leads, lowering your lead effectiveness. The Lead Generation Error Detail View provides in-depth insight into lead failures, allowing for faster resolution and increased lead volume. In addition, the new perspective avoids failed leads within a lead task from disqualifying the entire lead task.

How: A warning icon appears next to a lead task that contains failed leads in the Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud Lead Capture apps. You can travel to a new Lead Capture Error Detail View by clicking the icon, which displays a list of failed leads and error details.

4. Optimize Your First-Party Audience Strategy

With a ready-made dashboard, you can see and measure how your audiences are functioning across channels. Connect Advertising Studio to Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads with the Audience Insights for Advertising Studio App.

Where: This update affects accounts with Datorama Reports Advanced enabled in Corporate and Enterprise editions.

Who: You'll need Datorama Reports Advanced, Advertising Studio credentials, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads credentials to access this function

How: The Demographic Insights for Advertising Studio app may be found in Datorama Reports Advance’s Apps page or in Datorama's Marketplace.

5. Marketing Cloud Journeys and Messages

Google Analytics 4 includes tagging and reporting.

Cross-channel identification and tracking are among the new Advertising Cloud Google Analytics integration features, which are based on Google's new event-driven GA4 property structure. Conversion events from apps and websites are displayed alongside native Journey data in a customizable dashboard area. For journey web links and app events, they're used in mobile and online tagging. For classic UA tracking, you can also turn on and off some UTM parameters.

When: Within 40 days of the June 2021 Marketing Cloud release, this functionality and associated upgrades, including help material, are released in your instance.

Who: With Journey Builder and an enterprise 2.0 account, you can get a free GA4 integration

Why: All future feature development will be moved to GA4, a new property type in Google Analytics. The new platform is a cutting-edge event-based architecture that combines first-party and Google data to comprehend and analyze various sites and apps at once. Using a single set of conversion events that are measured consistently across mobile and online, marketers can gain a deeper understanding of their customers from acquisition to acquisition and retention.

How: In the Web Traffic Setup App, set up GA4 properties. Turn on web tagging in Parameter Management in Marketing Cloud Setup to apply the new GA4 parameters to Journey Builder links. Turn on app event tagging in Journey Builder to apply the new GA4 parameters to app events. In this release, Mobile Push is the sole app event that is supported.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Visit our website or write to us at We will guide you through your queries at the earliest. Read our latest blogs for more information.


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