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Maximizing Sales Efficiency with Salesforce and LinkedIn Integration

Social selling is at an all-time high in today's digital era, and sales representatives need to elevate their strategies. One effective approach is integrating platforms like Salesforce and LinkedIn. Salesforce, a premier Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, paired with LinkedIn, a leading professional networking site, offers numerous advantages for modern sales practices.

Salesforce and LinkedIn Integration: A Game Changer

Combining Salesforce with LinkedIn transforms traditional sales methods, enhancing outreach to potential clients and boosting business performance. Here are some key benefits of integrating these platforms.

Advantages of Salesforce and LinkedIn Integration

Centralized Data Access: Sales representatives can access centralized data, making finding and updating relevant customer information easier.

Enhanced Client Prospecting: Leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful search capabilities, Salesforce users can effortlessly identify and connect with high-quality professional prospects and leads.

Streamlined Workflow: Automating repetitive tasks and syncing data between the two platforms optimizes workflows, saving time and resources.

Personalized Engagement: Integration provides valuable insights into customer preferences, interests, and activities, enabling sales reps to craft customized pitches.

Setting Up Salesforce-LinkedIn Integration

To successfully integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn, certain prerequisites must be met to ensure a smooth setup.

Salesforce Requirements:

  • Access to Salesforce Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer Edition.

  • For Professional Edition users, enabled API and Chatter access might be necessary.

LinkedIn Requirements:

  • A valid license for Sales Navigator Advanced or Sales Navigator Advanced Plus.

  • Sales Navigator Team Member seat or Administrator access.

  • A JavaScript-enabled browser for proper installation and configuration.

Methods to Integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn

You can integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn using three main methods:

  1. Sales Navigator Integration

  2. AppExchange Apps Integration

  3. Third-party Integrations

Steps to Integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

To integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn, follow these four stages: enabling, installation, configuration, and testing.

Enabling Stage:

  1. On Salesforce’s main page, go to Setup.

  2. Search for "My Domain" and select an appropriate domain.

  3. Register and deploy your domain.

Installation Stage:

  1. In Salesforce’s Quick Find search box, look for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

  2. Click "Get it Now" and verify your AppExchange account details.

  3. Select the users for whom the app will be installed.

  4. After installation, confirm via email and proceed by clicking the Sales Navigator button.

Configuration Stage:

  1. Access the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Assistant from the App Launcher.

  2. Enable Data Verification and follow prompts to grant necessary permissions.

Testing Stage:

  1. Visit the Contacts page and select Salesforce records.

  2. Test and review any changes, ensuring everything functions correctly.

Best Practices for Salesforce-LinkedIn Integration

  1. Automate Workflows: Set up workflow rules in Salesforce to automate LinkedIn Sales Navigator activities, such as task creation or record updates.

  2. Regular Monitoring: Regularly check the integration to minimize risks and ensure optimal performance.

  3. Comprehensive Training: Provide thorough training for sales representatives to maximize the benefits of the Salesforce-LinkedIn integration.


Integrating Salesforce with LinkedIn significantly enhances the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team. Utilizing both platforms' capabilities allows your company to gain deeper insights into potential prospects and deliver personalized attention, fostering better relationships and driving sales success.

Apphienz, a trusted Salesforce partner, offers comprehensive integration services, handling both technical and non-technical aspects to make the process seamless for you. Contact Apphienz today to ensure a hassle-free integration experience.


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