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Meet The world's First Real-Time CRM - Salesforce Genie

The most awaited, magnificent event, Salesforce Dreamforce 2022 is finally here with a series of significant updates and announcements. Upcoming blogs will unravel all the noteworthy events that will be unfolded by Salesforce, the number 1 CRM in the world.

Let’s look at the Top Updates from Dreamforce 2022

A hyper-scale real-time data platform called Salesforce Genie, which powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform, was officially launched by Salesforce. Every business can transform data into customer magic with Genie, delivering seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapt to shifting customer information and needs on a real-time basis.

A single source of truth and a real-time customer graph can be created using Salesforce Genie by integrating information.

Streams of real-time data are ingested, stored, and merged with Salesforce transactional data by Salesforce Genie, the engine of real-time Customer 360. Every channel (mobile, web, APIs), legacy data via MuleSoft, and historical data from private data lakes are all integrated into Genie through built-in connectors.

In order to build a real-time customer graph, or unified customer profile record, Genie transforms and combines the data. The entire customer graph is visible and feasible across the whole Customer 360, every industry solution, AppExchange, and customer apps because Genie was built using the Salesforce metadata model.

Furthermore, Genie is powered by Hyperforce, a public cloud platform from Salesforce. The built-in data ethics features of Hyperforce's controls for data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance help to regulate data and boost customer confidence.

Genie enables more dynamic and responsive actions and engagement by allowing Einstein AI and Flow automation services to take advantage of hyper-scale real-time data. It is now possible to deliver personalization and predictions based on real-time data using Einstein, which generates over 175 billion predictions daily. Customers can now use real-time data to trigger actions automatically with flow automation, which saves them over 100 billion hours each month.

The first real-time CRM in the world is Customer 360.

With the help of Genie, all Customer 360 cloud and industry solutions are now real-time, intelligent, and automated. Here you can find a complete list of the latest Genie innovations, including strategic alliances.

Every marketer can now use Marketing Cloud Genie to send tailored messages across channels that instantly adjust to consumer activity across various marketing properties.

Every retailer can create customized user experiences for customers with Commerce Cloud Genie, including those that respond to real-time customer actions like abandoned shopping carts or tasks performed on a website or mobile app.

Every salesperson can now use Sales Cloud Genie to access real-time guidance from Einstein during customer voice and video calls. As a result, representatives can respond to the conversation and automatically receive suggestions for customers to offer.

With the aid of Service Cloud Genie, every customer service representative from those in the contact center to those working in the field can offer proactive service with real-time alerts that allow them to step in, engage with the client, and solve problems.

Every company can access real-time data from any legacy or emerging system using MuleSoft Genie.

An IT leader can boost productivity right away by allowing teams to automatically view real-time data from any channel with intelligent workflows using Slack Genie.

Companies can use a centralized account and real-time data to provide more individualized experiences in any industry.

Every business can track KPIs in real-time with Tableau Genie, including real-time direct purchases for sales, real-time case spikes for service, and real-time web traffic for marketing, to inform action across the enterprise.

Availability: Salesforce Genie is widely accessible now.

Are you ready to make the most out of Salesforce Genie? Now, transform your data into instant customer magic with the first ever real-time CRM. For more information on Salesforce Genie and its implementation into your systems, get in touch with us. Visit our website or write to us at


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