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New Salesforce Digital 360 Features

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Salesforce, the world's leading CRM company, unveiled new Digital 360 technologies to help businesses go digital faster and deliver the next generation of marketing, commerce, and digital experiences.

Buyers are exploring the potential of what it implies to be data-driven first, from buying houses and household goods online to implementing bank loans on their devices, and businesses' marketing budgets are following suit, with online sales exceeding $4 trillion and digital advertising expected to account for half of all global ad spend this year. Salesforce is assisting businesses in staying ahead of these changes, powering more than 100 billion Einstein forecasts, 682 billion emails, and three million commerce transactions each day on average in 2020.

Firms need to develop connected experiences, have a comprehensive grasp of their consumers' choices and emotions, and get the most of digital. Salesforce's new technologies integrate data and digital to enable this, bringing marketing, commerce, sales, and service together so businesses can place customers at the center of their digital strategy.

The next generation of marketing is here: Marketing Cloud 360.

Salespeople can get to know their customers through a single source of truth to engage with relevancy, humanize every moment at scale with AI-powered personalization to inspire action and loyalty, and optimize overall marketing impact with centralized business intelligence, thanks to the next iteration of Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce CDP is a user information platform for businesses that boosts touchpoints all around the world. Businesses can leverage data from the world's #1 CRM to create effective marketing, advertising, and personalization that strengthens relationships and profitability by combining data from sales, service, marketing, loyalty, and commerce. Salesforce CDP is combining two technologies today to help businesses create a more dynamic experience at any time.

Interface Studio examines cross-channel brand interactions and uses Einstein to identify and send a message, a product offer, or a content recommendation in real-time., Loyalty Management provides firms with real-time audience segmentation of their greatest consumers to cultivate connections and develop lasting loyalty, including membership status, loyalty tier, and points balance.

Salesforce-powered Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud Companies even have quick opportunities for new email, mobile, and journey data from Datorama, Marketing Cloud's analytics service, all from within the Marketing Cloud interface, to monitor and boost performance.

Trailhead's Marketer Career Path: Trailhead, Salesforce's free online learning platform, now has a single destination with tools for anybody wishing to start or advance their marketing career. Trailhead provides everyone with access to job-specific learning, a community of professional marketers, and unique learning paths to upskill for marketing career paths in email, marketing infrastructure, digital strategy, informatics, and CMO governance, with over two million marketing certificates earned to date.

The next generation of customer-centric commerce is Commerce Cloud 360.

Commerce Cloud enables businesses to go above a specific retailer and build long-term engagements. Companies will be able to discover market dynamics, personalize consumer experiences, and bridge the end-to-end commerce journey, from the e-commerce store to order monitoring and beyond, with the emergence of social media.

Salesforce CDP for Commerce: Companies gain a complete picture of first-party customer data across all touchpoints with Retail Cloud data embedded out-of-the-box in Salesforce CDP, enabling a genuine single source of truth and the ability to leverage commerce data in merge marketing.

B2B2C Commerce: The new B2B2C Commerce software allows B2B enterprises to easily build an integrated, universal (D2C) e-commerce storefront with just a few clicks rather than coding. Companies that sell through distributors and retailers may now acquire that first-party data, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of their whole client base, link directly with marketing, sales, and support, and generate new revenue.

Salesforce Order Management: Beyond the purchase button, Salesforce Order Management helps businesses with fulfillment, delivery, and loyalty. Companies can see real-time inventory across an entire network of stores and fulfillment centers with Multichannel Cash flow and Distributed Order Management, allowing them to turn their warehouses into distribution centers and offer customers a variety of delivery options, including same-day delivery, buy online pick up in-store, and more. Business buyers will have more transparency and control over their orders with the inclusion of Order Management for B2B, which includes self-service fulfillment reporting, rejections, purchase adjustments, and more.


Salesforce CDP for Loyalty Management, Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud, WhatsApp Integration, Distributed Order Management, and Omnichannel Inventory are all available now.

B2B2C Commerce, Salesforce CDP for Interaction Studio, and Snapchat Audience Match accessible right now

In August 2021, the Salesforce Headless PWA Kit and Managed Runtime are planned to be generally available.

In October 2021, Order Management for B2B and Salesforce CDP for Commerce Cloud will be generally accessible.

Now, with the world going digital, it is high time every business and organization keeps up with the changing times to stay ahead of the curve. We at Apphienz believe in customizing and personalizing your business strategies by having an in-depth knowledge of your operations so as to deliver nothing less than the best to help you reach your goals. Connect with us today or write to us at You can visit our website for more information and reach out to us in case of any further queries. We will assist you at the earliest.


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