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Pro Bono Service's Influence on Volunteers and Nonprofits

There is probably no better feeling in the world than helping someone and knowing you’re making a difference. This is why some people choose to volunteer. And while pro bono work can provide you with benefits both emotional and professional, it’s important to look at how it will affect the people you’re helping as well as the volunteers and organizations involved.

Surveys conducted by Salesforce show that most pro bono service stakeholders benefit significantly from the experience. Their employees who volunteer are 40 percent more likely to stay, based on 2021 employee success data. Read this article to learn about the positive effects pro bono can have on volunteers, nonprofits, and even companies (

Enhanced Skills

Being involved with pro bono work doesn’t just widen your skills–it also makes you better at what you already do. Volunteering is an excellent way to refresh yourself and learn something new, even if you work in an industry that’s not normally associated with volunteer organizations. For example, there are nonprofits that are related to the field of medicine.

Meaningful Personal Development

Volunteering is a great way to grow as a person and learn new things, including how to communicate, manage, and lead others. When you’re working with a team, you’re forced to open yourself up to a new perspective and interact with others. An additional benefit of volunteering is the ability to make yourself more marketable.

Fostering More Volunteers

The common question owners of nonprofits ask is how to get more volunteers. The truth is there are several ways to attract and retain volunteers, such as offering a durable, high-quality product that the market needs. But the most effective way to build a base of volunteers is to provide opportunities for pro bono service.

Better Board and Volunteer Management

An effective nonprofit or company can use its resources well, and if you’re in charge of managing and recruiting volunteers, wasting time will only make your job more difficult. However, incorporating a pro bono program into your organization will help you do more with your people.

This is because volunteering provides opportunities to train and develop people for leadership roles. Pro bono service is also a great way for your volunteers to build teamwork, which is essential for group success.

Healthy Company Culture

There are many perks of volunteering and doing pro bono work. Some nonprofits even offer volunteer incentives, including meals during work hours, parking, and discounts on particular merchandise.

Pro bono service can help your organization become more productive. It provides opportunities for growth for both the volunteers and the nonprofit leaders. More importantly, it enables you to stay relevant in the market by adding new members and building a good reputation.

Opportunities for Networking

No matter where you volunteer, there will be opportunities to network. For example, you can get to know other volunteers who are also involved with nonprofits. It’s also a good opportunity to do some research on new nonprofits you might want to work with.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in a particular field or partnering with other companies, it’s easy to meet people in that industry through volunteering. The experience you or your employees gain while volunteering will help your career or business advancement.


Volunteering is a great way to benefit both the people you’re helping and yourself. Whether you are a volunteer, school, nonprofit, or company, adding pro bono service to the mix will enable you to see even more impressive and inspirational results.

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