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Sales Cloud Summer'21 Top Features

Salesforce is the world’s number one Sales CRM. Sales Cloud allows sales teams anywhere in the world to streamline administrative processes, improve lead management and monitor pipeline, and close more deals faster. Salesforce releases each year makes it more efficient and user-friendly.

Let’s have a look at what Salesforce has in store for the Sales cloud summer’21 release.

1. Fundamental Sales Features

Increase the number of forecast categories you might want to configure with the core Sales features. With a native LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, your sales professionals will have an expanded view of the customers and outreach choices.

2. Productivity Features

Einstein Connected Activity with a service account captured to your Microsoft Exchange on-premises server. The dialer is set to record calls by default. Gain more control over what constitutes an email engagement. It's now easier than ever to create email templates using the package builder.

3. Salesforce Meetings

Get clear insights for better negotiations

The Conversation Monitor now contains additional insight into the primary concern cases and exceptional customer requests to help meeting organizers solve customer complaints and better prepare for meetings. Reps also receive helpful reminders in the Meeting Digest about organizing follow-up meetings, easy actions to send emails to the internal team and all attendees, and insights into outstanding requests when a meeting is completed.

4. High Velocity Sales

Statistics on Leads, Contacts, Users, and Sales Cadences Interaction

Managers can now see who interacts with emails and calls, as well as when they engage with them, thanks to new custom report types and sample reports. Engagement data for leads, contacts, and users are displayed based on daily reports. A monthly report depicts sales cadences involvement.

5. Sales Cloud Einstein

Set up Einstein Lead Scoring more easily with guided setup and score different sorts of leads independently for more accurate scores.

Rate Lead Segment Individually

Scores are more useful when users tell Einstein to evaluate their leads and conversion history individually for distinct groups of leads. For example, one can evaluate leads from trade exhibitions and advertising campaigns separately so Einstein can figure out their individual conversion trends and give them better marks.

6. New Changes in the Sales Cloud

Know Where the Activity Data Is Stored

Some of the customer's activity data is kept on the Salesforce Amazon Web Services Infrastructure when you utilize Einstein Activity Capture, Inbox, or High Velocity Sales. Visitors may now view if the data is housed in American or German data centers.

Connected Accounts Page is Renamed

The Connected Accounts tab, where users view which email and calendar accounts are connected to Salesforce, is labeled Email and Calendar Accounts to assist distinguish between the sorts of accounts that sales professionals can join to Salesforce.

New Location for Activity Storage Information

The Activity Storage tab was eliminated, which displayed the total amount of activities captured by Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture. The activity storage information is now available on the User Status page.

Additionally, Apphienz has released Sales Cloud QuickStart packages to get your sales department up and running on Salesforce in just 4 weeks. Sales Cloud is the best CRM in the world. It is versatile enough for businesses of any size or sector, and scalable for anything you need, thanks to the world's largest corporate app ecosystem.

Get in touch with us to make the most out of your Salesforce instance. Visit our website for more information or you can write to us at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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