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Salesforce - A Game Changer For Nonprofits!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

In the midst of a global pandemic, that has done a great amount of damage to the lives of people, the economy of the world, unemployment and so much more that cannot be put into words, we all are filled with sympathy, compassion, and a whole lot of mixed emotions at the same time. We wish to do our bit in making a change in how things are functioning. When most of us have started thinking about that right now, nonprofits have been working on various global issues at hand long back.

Task, culture, scale, program objectives, and community all have an impact on nonprofit organizations. As different organizations are working on various unique issues, their requirements vary accordingly. We do not live in a ‘one size fits all world. This is the era of customization and personalization. Hence, we are here to understand how you can personalize your marketing and other efforts using Salesforce.

Salesforce recently published a nonprofit trend report sharing how the nonprofit communities have handled the drastic change. The report categorises the organizations into three categories: low digital maturity, medium and high digital maturity. They found out that organizations with High Digital Maturity were able to receive more funding during the pandemic as compared to the organizations with Low Digital Maturity. But according to the report 71% nonprofits have low digital maturity.

In the past 6 months, the leading nonprofits have exceeded their target throughout program delivery, marketing and fundraising. Nonprofits with High Digital Maturity have seen an increment of 48% in the grants whereas nonprofits with Low Digital Maturity only got a 25% increment.

How Can You Improve Your Digital Maturity?

Today, decisions are data-driven. For data to be consistent across all departments and employees, they need to be able to use a common framework to identify and exchange the information making marketing, services and fundraising activities easier.

When the important information about programs, donations, grants and impact data are scattered in different places, it becomes difficult to reflect ROI on your system. Hence, by moving away from data silos and into what we call an impact platform, your organization is more likely to boost performance and digital sophistication. Here’s how you can improve your digital maturing with Salesforce:

  • Incorporating knowledge about engagement with recipients into a system of record that can then be exchanged by staff is an important part of designing programs and services.

  • Personalizing messages for subgroups of supporters entails moving beyond ‘batch and blast’ emails to connect with supporters on their preferred platforms and get specific messages delivered where they want them.

  • Forecasting revenue from fundraising efforts often necessitates providing a single source of reality for all of the fundraising whether it is from online contributions, huge gifts or multimedia activities as well as analytics software to spot patterns.

Salesforce firmly believes in the ‘change is the only constant’ philosophy. With the world taking on technology as their guiding entity with superpowers larger than life, salesforce makes sure to provide its customers the best of services and experiences with all the built-in latest technology. Not only that with high use of technology comes a bigger risk of data security and trust. In that case, all the data is secured with no chance of misuse or data breach thus ensuring ever-lasting customer relationships.

With salesforce, now nonprofits can integrate fundraising, program management, grant making teams, volunteer management, and all the marketing efforts to achieve experiences that would exceed digital stakeholders’ standards and bring change and impact on another level. When you have everything in one place you will have a clear view of your activities, impacts, and donors. So that you can interact with each of them quickly and efficiently.

Nonprofit cloud brings people and organizations together by enabling charitable organizations to finance and manage their mission using a single integrated platform that fosters positive and long-term relationships. With digital-first strategy, it allows seamless communication across various channels that would assist in raising more money in no time and cost hence making the experience memorable.

If you are new to Salesforce or planning on moving soon, we at Apphienz can help you set up your basics including fundraising, program management, sponsors, and volunteer management custom dashboards and automated reports in no time, whether it's your first time using CRM or you're moving to Salesforce from another CRM. So you can start using Salesforce to accomplish your goals right away.

Moreover, we provide a multitude of other services like On-Demand Administrator, which allows you the liberty of using our Salesforce resources for as long as you need. The On-Demand Administrator feature is especially useful to you if you don’t need a full-time admin or your current admin is on leave or you are in between hires. Our On-Demand Admin works as a part of your team to keep your Salesforce up and running. We can also assist you with custom development, custom app development, training, and data export to make the job easier for you.

Recently we have added two new QuickStart packages, whereas within 30 to 50 hours you can get your Fundraising or Program Management set up by our experts. The Fundraising QuickStart will help you in generating more leads, saving contacts, creating an account, managing grants and donations. The program management QuickStart would assist in tracking programs and services, reports, and dashboards and connecting relevant appexchange apps to handle all the programs for free.

Hence, we have a unique approach in building customer relationships, handling partnerships, fundraising activities, donor information, or employee knowledge by offering a 360-degree view of your organization so that you are constantly aware of all the whereabouts of the organization at all times from anywhere in the world.

We deeply appreciate the kind of efforts and initiatives you are taking in changing the world. Let us be a part of your journey by assisting your organization to achieve its mission. In case of any queries, you can contact us or email us We will be happy to assist you.


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