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Salesforce Automation Everywhere Bundle: Reduce Costs, Increase Performance, and Drive Excellence

Automating crucial business activities is now required for businesses to quickly adjust to shifting market conditions. Investors that increase leverage for their firms and shorten time to value are given priority by leaders in every industry. As the leading global CRM platform, Salesforce recognizes the necessity of ongoing innovation and automation of operational processes to improve productivity.

In order to speed up end-to-end workflow orchestration, automate across any system, and embed data and AI-driven processes wherever Salesforce just released a new Automation Everywhere Bundle. With no-code capabilities that automate any activity — from everyday operations to manual processes — spanning documents, photos, new apps, legacy systems, and more, the Automation Everywhere Bundle aids businesses in quickly adapting to change.

Every team can automate their way to greater productivity with the help of the Automation Everywhere Bundle. Automate any system and link data with a few clicks or lines of code to free up time for higher-value tasks. The following is possible with Composer, Anypoint Platform, and RPA:

  • Operationalize company processes 27% more quickly.

  • Automate any system by integrating any data.

  • Give everyone access to tools for the IT and business teams.

The package has been completely integrated into Salesforce Flow, a comprehensive set of automation technologies used throughout the Customer 360 platform, saving users more than 109 billion hours. The worth of the enterprise is $2.19 trillion!

The package saves clients time, boosts productivity, and delivers better customer experiences while keeping costs down. What's included in the Automation Everywhere Bundle is:


Utilizing pre-built connectors to the most common corporate software, it uses no-code process automation to assist clients in increasing productivity and efficiency. It also connects employee and customer experiences using clicks rather than code.

Robotic process automation (RPA):

reduces manual labor and repetitive activities by unifying the workflow across any legacy system, contemporary SaaS application, or green screen; Automates the processing of documents by gathering unstructured data from documents, photos, and other sources.

Anypoint Platform:

Utilizing robust API management capabilities, which add composability, governance, and monitoring to automation, helps businesses innovate more quickly and cut maintenance costs. access last-mile systems wherever they are.

Customers may implement end-to-end automation at scale thanks to the bundle. Teams may automate anything, for instance, using clicks or code, including legacy systems and current apps, all with enterprise-grade security and control.

Hence, by using the Salesforce Automation Everywhere Bundle, businesses can succeed right now. The Automation Everywhere Bundle will offer clients the automation solutions they require right away. With the Automation Everywhere Bundle compared to similar solutions, customers can save up to 40% on average.

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