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Salesforce Expands Partnership With AWS

Salesforce and Amazon Web Services are teaming together to take their cooperation to the next level with:

Slack as a digital HQ: Compared with control and integrated ways of working for development teams working on Salesforce and AWS applications.

Health and Safety Solutions: Salesforce Health Cloud's Virtual Care service enables practitioners to conduct remote care at scale.

High-Velocity Sales with New Voice Capabilities: Amazon Connect + Salesforce High-Velocity Sales is now available to help sales teams perform from anywhere by making it easier to interact with potential customers, as well as using AI to gain insights from crucial conversations.

Investment in a Sustainable Future: Salesforce joined Amazon's The Climate Pledge this week, reinforcing their relevant measures to shared environmental activities. To decrease our carbon footprint and speed climate action, we're also optimizing Hyperforce, our upcoming cloud infrastructure.

How does AWS enable Salesforce and AWS to power the digitized HQ?

Digital workspaces can be even more significant than physical offices in a world where everyone works from anywhere. Salesforce introduced new Slack integrations at Dreamforce this year to assist organizations around the world to construct their digital HQs, allowing them to work better and expand faster. Customers of Salesforce and AWS can better collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners using Slack, regardless of where, when, or how they operate.

Salesforce's alliance with AWS is geared toward customer success through technology, and Slack adds fresh revolutionary benefits to already extensive cooperation. For years, Slack has had a solid cooperative relationship with AWS. Customers can use synchronized AWS and Salesforce products from anywhere with Slack as the interaction layer. This allows developers to work more quickly and efficiently.

Customers may also get new intelligent apps for sales, service, and industry thanks to the alliance, which integrates revolutionary AWS technologies like voice, video, AI, and advanced analytics straight into Salesforce products. Our transnational customers will be able to grow in new markets quickly and at scale because of our cooperation with AWS and Hyperforce, our upcoming infrastructure strategy.

Organizations may also get new intelligent apps for sales, service, and industry thanks to the alliance, which integrates revolutionary AWS technologies like voice, video, AI, and advanced analytics straight into Salesforce products. Our transnational clients will be able to grow in new markets quickly and at magnitude because of our cooperation with AWS and Hyperforce, our upcoming backbone strategy.

What are some examples of how clients might benefit from combining Slack, Salesforce, and AWS?

Slack, Salesforce, and AWS work together to make it easier for big, remote teams to organize the process of developing and running apps on the Salesforce and AWS platforms, allowing them to innovate more quickly. The AWS Chatbot for Slack, which was announced in June 2020, allows teams to manage and use AWS resources directly in Slack chats. DevOps teams can now analyze, manage, and execute apps and connections that span AWS and Salesforce from one single engaging layer: their Slack Digital HQ, thanks to the new AWS and Salesforce connections.

What role does Amazon Web Services play in Salesforce's intentions to launch a virtual care application for Salesforce Health Cloud?

Technology is critical at the corporate level to help offer health and safety from anywhere, and Salesforce is committed to empowering enterprises to improve health and safety outcomes for their employees, customers, and communities. On a consumer level, there has never been a greater need to reconsider how professionals assist patients from any location. Patient expectations have shifted, and virtual care is now a critical component of the whole patient experience.

In either, a period when medical resources are scarce, Salesforce's virtual care (telehealth) solution, powered by AWS services such as Amazon Chime SDK and Amazon Transcribe Medical, will focus on connecting healthcare practitioners with minimal friction, while also integrating the various steps in the patient's journey to enhance the overall experience.

Salesforce and AWS both have extensive industry knowledge, but with Slack-first healthcare and life sciences solutions, healthcare teams can more readily collaborate in real-time. Employee involvement will be enabled from onboarding to beyond, allowing them to provide superior client experiences from anywhere.

What makes Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect, the first "intelligent application" designed by Salesforce and AWS, so effective for customers?

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect has been a huge success for customers of all sizes and sectors since it's a turnkey solution for getting an AI-powered contact center up and operating quickly. Between the Service Cloud agent desktop and a telephone provider, there is no need to manage a custom integration or CTI adaptor because it works out of the box.

Service Cloud Voice is a unified, comprehensive solution that combines phone, digital channels, and CRM data into a single cohesive contact center experience. Amazon Communicate then works in collaboration with Service Cloud, the leading customer service platform, to feature pre-integrated cloud telephony and automatic voice recognition for both agents and supervisors. This gives administrators and operators availability to Amazon Transcribe real-time transcription, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) call recorder playback, and CRM integration with call monitoring.

What other use categories may Service Cloud Voice + Amazon Connect be useful for, such mostly as sales?

While corporations have never been under more pressure to provide excellent customer service through their virtual contact center, voice interactions are equally crucial for sales teams looking to generate revenue and profit in today's excellent environment.

Salesforce and AWS have now added native support for Amazon Connect into Salesforce High-Velocity Sales, based on the technical underpinning of Service Cloud Voice. Inside sales teams can now utilize Amazon Connect as their native telephony solution to manage basic sales workflows including outbound click-to-call from a predetermined leads list, inbound call management, and automatic call transcription for easier on-call note keeping.

Salesforce maintains that business is the most robust system for transformation, and it seeks to benefit all stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, communities, and the environment. Salesforce's ecological mission is to speed the world's largest enterprises to Net Zero; store 100 GT of carbon through the conservation, restoration, and growth of 1 trillion trees; and spark the ecopreneur trend.

Salesforce said this week that it has signed The Environmental Pact, an effort co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism with the goal of meeting the Paris Agreement 10 years ahead of schedule and becoming carbon-neutral by 2040. At this time, 200 global organizations have signed The Climate Pledge, pledging to pursue ambitious carbon-reduction efforts, including operational reforms, in the fight against climate change. Loyalty oath members jointly create nearly $1.8 trillion in worldwide yearly revenue and are predicted to reduce carbon emissions by 1.98 billion metric tonnes per year by 2040, compared to a 2020 benchmark.

Dreamforce, 2021 was full of new and exciting updates and we are looking forward to executing all the amazing features into the workspace and make the most out of it.

We at Apphienz strongly believe in delivering nothing less than exceptional services to our clients. Visit our website for more information and get in touch in case of any further queries.


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