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Salesforce Features To Help Your Nonprofit Organization Succeed

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

The impacts of non-profit organizations are undeniable, especially when it comes to the people and communities they serve. They have likely changed and touched the lives of many, but growth can be completely difficult to achieve. Most remain small, as they cannot grow outside of the niche of their chosen communities. As a result, many ends up fizzling out of the scene, left with no funds to continue their advocacies.

In these changing times, however, small organizations—particularly nonprofits—need to invest in the latest tools to drive sustainable growth and change. They need to improve processes and increase productivity, both of which can help raise more funds and emphasize their significance and impacts.

If you’re someone leading a nonprofit, you’ll need to find ways to collect data well and better, as it holds the key to better success. Thankfully, Salesforce is a platform designed to help you achieve just that. With Salesforce you can Unify your Fundraising, Program Management, Marketing, and Grantmaking teams in order to deliver extraordinary experiences for your donors that drives change and helps nonprofits grow efficiently.

According to a recent Salesforce community impact report, nonprofits reported a 31% increment in donor retention, on average 48% conversion rate, and 31% reduction in the service costs. Here are Salesforce's top unparalleled features that can take your nonprofit to next level:


You’ll get to know your supporters better

Unlike business organizations, you need the steady heart and help of donors. Their help is what drives your funds, and what continues to change the lives of your community members. In these trying times, however, you’ll want to do more than just ask, receive, and thank. Modern donors will want to receive more than just your gratitude—they want to be a constant part of the change.

You’ll want them to feel every bit of the impact of your mission, and Salesforce empowers you to do so. You’ll be able to engage not only your donors but volunteers who wish to make a difference. The platform makes it easier to measure and communicate, as well as track progress throughout projects.

Communication and cloud

You’ll be able to facilitate productivity

When it comes to fulfilling your mission of change, collaboration is the key to success. With the help of Salesforce, you allow your team members—both volunteers and actual staff—to collaborate in meaningful ways. Sharing files and communication is also made more convenient, as with creating reports and brainstorming activities.

Storing your data on the cloud is also possible, enabling you to prevent data loss, disastrous identity theft, and other disastrous attacks. With everything available online, you can also make sure that everyone stays on the same page—no matter how complicated the project may be.

Reports and dashboards

You’ll be able to scale, track, and ensure progress

Nonprofit organizations play a significant role in driving the change of force, but funds aren’t always easy to come by. Constantly finding ways to encourage donors is necessary, which includes non-stop marketing campaigns to raise the necessary funds. Unfortunately, all these can be tricky, and a single mistake can lead you back to square one.

With the help of Salesforce, however, you’ll have access to innovative dashboards, which help you narrow down your objectives to make them more feasible. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on what matters most, working your way through them. You’ll soon find collective action and implementation easier to do—even with multiple fundraising activities on the line.

The Bottom Line

Handling a business requires extensive planning and dedication, but nonprofit organizations require beyond just the usual. Investing your heart and soul is necessary to make an impact, but everything will be for naught without the help of the right technological tools. The aforementioned features are just some of the many solutions Salesforce can offer—the only thing left to do now is to invest and discover.

If you’re on the hunt for managed service and support for your nonprofit organization, Appheinz has you covered. We offer you Salesforce for nonprofits, as well as the opportunity to build better applications. Achieve your goals and beyond—reach out to us today.

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