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Tableau Now Powers Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud

Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud is a powerful platform that helps businesses unlock the value of their customer data. Now powered by Tableau, Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud provides even more powerful data visualizations, insights, and analytics capabilities to help businesses make better decisions.

With Genie, businesses can quickly analyze large amounts of data stored in a secure platform and use Tableau to visualize, explore, and gain insights. This integration allows businesses to save money on data storage, get quick access to insights, and make better decisions by having all their data and analytics in one place.

Genie Customer Data Cloud is helping companies become customer-focused by processing and managing large amounts of customer data each day.

During the 2022 Cyber Week, Genie provided customer engagement services for 43 billion customers and added 1.1 trillion records to its database. By using Genie, companies can save time and money while increasing their sales with Salesforce's top CRM platform.

At Dreamforce, Genie Customer Data Cloud was unveiled, enabling businesses to streamline customer data from multiple sources and interactions into a singular, up-to-date profile. This allows for a more automated, intelligent, cohesive, and current customer experience throughout their Customer 360.

The Growing Number of Customer Companies

Genie Customer Data Cloud integration with Tableau is part of a larger trend of customer companies leveraging customer data to make better decisions. Companies increasingly leverage customer data to drive their business decisions, from marketing campaigns to product development. By leveraging Tableau, companies can gain insights from their customer data that traditional analytics would not offer.

Tableau’s integration with Genie Customer Data Cloud is also helping companies move away from traditional analytics and towards more predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Companies can use this integration to analyze customer data to understand customer behavior and preferences better, allowing them to create more targeted campaigns and products.

The integration of Genie Customer Data Cloud with Tableau is just one example of how customer companies are leveraging customer data to drive business decisions. As customer data becomes increasingly important for businesses, more and more companies will be looking for ways to leverage customer data to make better decisions.

Tableau enables customers across all industries to quickly and easily access, analyze, and take action on their data. Through this platform, they can create visualizations, automate processes, investigate trends, and make decisions based on data in a matter of moments.

By using data, marketers can gain insight into what motivates customers and how to tailor their message best to reach them. This can help increase sales, optimize website traffic, and ensure a smooth customer experience by quickly responding to sudden spikes in interest.

Data can also be used to monitor the performance of campaigns and measure the impact of unexpected events, such as the viral spread of a video on social media, allowing marketers to react quickly and capitalize on the opportunity.

Leaders in customer service can use real-time information about what customers are doing, such as what items are in their shopping cart, to direct them to the most appropriate representatives with the right abilities. Once the customer is connected to the agent, Genie gives them a single view of the customer's profile, enabling the service provider to provide a tailored experience.

Automotive companies can learn how their vehicles are being used in different regions and models. This can give them a better understanding of how people are driving and how often, which can help them offer more tailored services, like subscription services, and improve customer satisfaction.

Retailers can use the information they have about their customers to make better decisions. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of customer data, they can create a more personalized experience for shoppers and use it to make informed decisions about marketing, sales, and customer loyalty.


Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud, now powered by Tableau, is an innovative platform that helps organizations better understand their customers and make informed decisions. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools enabling companies to track customer behavior, analyze trends, and develop insights to optimize customer experiences.

By combining data from multiple sources, Tableau's powerful analytics capabilities help organizations identify opportunities and quickly make data-driven decisions. With the help of Salesforce Genie and Tableau's advanced analytics, businesses can harness customer data's power to improve customer engagement and increase sales.

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