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The All New Salesforce Sales Cloud to Help You Progress in a Digital-First World

Today Salesforce has announced the next generation of Sales Cloud, which is designed for a socially distant, digital-first world. This covers seven new features, some of which are available now and others that will be available in the coming weeks and months.

According to a recent Salesforce survey, 51% of salespeople expect to travel less for work after the pandemic than they did before

Sales Cloud 360 was created to meet the needs of the modern world. Since COVID-19 started, 61% of salespeople think their positions have permanently changed, and 51% expect to travel less than they did before the pandemic. Is it safe to assume that the era of zoom meetings is here to stay?

Sales Cloud 360 is the same product you're used to, but with new features to assist your sales team in dealing with the new normal.

“We’ve reimagined Sales Cloud to guide every company as they rethink the digital sales experience, from leads to coaching to processing revenue.” -Warren Wick, Chief Revenue Officer, Sales Cloud

So let's look at some of the new features that will help businesses grow faster in the new normal.

1. Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection is the first exciting feature in Sales Cloud 360. This is a new interface that gives managers detailed information about their team's performance.

Pipeline Inspection allows for week-to-week comparisons, highlighting Opportunities that may require additional assistance or coaching.

Pipeline inspection is free and will be available to the general public in Summer 2021.

2. Salesforce Meetings

Last year, Salesforce Meetings were unveiled as a key component of the new Sales Cloud 360.

Salesforce Meetings now includes a new Meetings Digest screen to help people prepare for a call, as well as an interface to use during the call and automated action items to complete afterward.

Salesforce Meetings is now available to everyone for free.

3. Global Models For Opportunity Scoring

One of the first Einstein features to be made available for free was Opportunity Scoring. This allows you to perform strong AI analysis to gain positive or negative insights into an Opportunity's likelihood of closure.

Prior to today, Opportunity Scoring required a minimum of 200 closed won and 200 lost Opps to be effective. Salesforce, on the other hand, has developed Global Models, allowing companies to get started even before they have enough data.

Global Models for Opportunity Scoring is now free and open to the public.

4. Einstein Conversation Insights

Einstein Conversation Insights is a new trend that analyses video call transcripts and provides feedback to help salespeople have more meaningful conversations.

This gives you information like popular product names, keywords, and any competitor mentions. In a world where managers can't walk the sales floor, this analysis will help managers customize training for their sales team.

Einstein Call Insights is a paid add-on that is available right now.

5. In-App Learning For myTrailhead

Salesforce's learning management platform, myTrailhead, allows you to develop custom learning modules tailored to your company and industry.

Sales teams can now access related enablement materials, such as competitor analysis and training materials for new reps, from inside Sales Cloud, thanks to the launch of In-App Learning.

Trailhead's in-app learning is a paid feature that will be widely available in Summer 2021.

6. Tableau Business Sciences

Tableau provides AI-powered forecasts, insights, and automated explanations. Sales teams can use Business Science to analyze data and make smart decisions without relying on a data scientist—for example, when updating quotas, checking forecast accuracy, or reevaluating selling strategies—all with clicks rather than code.

Tableau Business Science will be available to the general public later this month.

7. Mulesoft Composer

Mulesoft has been reimagined by Salesforce, which has embedded the low-code integration platform within Salesforce.

Mulesoft has developed an even more declarative-focused version of their Anypoint platform. This is for Salesforce administrators who want to build strong integrations with out-of-the-box connectors.

Mulesoft Composer is a paid application that is currently available.

Want to incorporate some of these brand new features into your Salesforce Instance? Contact Apphienz’s Salesforce experts to make your organization’s day-to-day process easy and efficient.

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