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The Role of Salesforce’s Impact Fund in Developing Startups

Today, there is an increasing number of cloud companies trying to impact the industry and the world. Salesforce has been one of them for years, providing streamlined services for the cloud industry. They, in turn, invest in smaller cloud startups with the same goals of social and environmental developments. The support and development help from Salesforce for startups is funded by SF’s corporate venture in the Salesforces Ventures Impact Fund. Together, Salesforce and their partners’ combined efforts continuously change the world. SVIF’s Role in Cloud Company Development The SVIF or Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund is Salesforce’s corporate venture investment team. They invest in dedicated cloud companies making an impact in the industry and the world through Salesforce. Claudine Emeott launched it in 2017 with an initial fund of $50 million. Led by Ms. Emeott and its core team of female leaders, the SVIF supports cloud companies that are changing the industry through their tech applications. Their team also supports other developments in the tech startup world, including diverse and equal representation and supporting Salesforce’s core values. Their vision also stems from the company’s goals of helping their own people grow. Salesforce training and upskilling capabilities in their services and apps continue to improve other companies using its platform. It gives their companies many educational and growth opportunities through the Salesforce app. Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund portfolio companies have helped out 32 million individuals and gave employment to 1,124 workers. They also gave 5 million people access to new financial services crucial to their lives and business operations. To date, Salesforce has invested in 28 successful cloud startup companies. Cloud Companies Who Are Changing the Industry Among their successfully funded startups include FutureFuel, which worked on solutions to America’s $1.5T student loan debt. They also helped save Salesforce employees $1.8 million in student debt. They also invested in BlocPower, a pro-green climate tech company improving city conditions. Recently, they have also invested in two unicorn companies with over $1 billion in revenue. First is UniteUs, a tech platform that helps organize care networks for patients. They also helped with Flutterwave, an Africa-based global payments platform app service for small customers and eCommerce businesses. Impact Investing The SVIF continues to support and collaborate with the same-minded tech companies who want to model their venture efforts on their work. Supporting these startups and their ideas will help advance the capabilities of the cloud. It will also change and improve the industry by giving exceptional cloud startups the chance to operate on the level of the bigger industry players. The influence of SVIF continues to grow in other corporate ventures who want the same type of investments in impact investing. Not only are they contributing to making greater changes in the industry, but also investing and growing their company teams. Final Notes The Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund was launched in 2017 to help develop and invest in exceptional cloud companies doing great work for the industry and the world. If we develop these leaders and give them the same advantages as bigger tech companies, they can realize and achieve their vision. We at Apphienz understand the importance of Salesforce in many of today’s tech companies. We provide exceptionally personalized and customized services to help you with your company’s goals and needs. Visit our website for more information and get in touch with us in case of any further questions.


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