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Top 10 Salesforce Winter '23 Release Features

The most awaited release of the year is finally here. The Salesforce Winter '23 release provides succinct, high-level explanations of improvements and new modified features along with the best practices to guarantee your ongoing success in making your day-to-day tasks easier, more efficient, and productive.

Let’s dive right into the latest features;

Slack Dashboards and Lightning Reports for Data Collaboration

Slack is no longer just for CRM analytics. The CRM Analytics for Slack app now allows all Salesforce users to browse, search, view, share, and subscribe to Lightning reports and dashboards. Reports and dashboards can be easily shared between teams using scheduled subscriptions or anytime posting to the team. Additionally, you can use Einstein Discovery on Lightning reports and distribute the forecasts and suggestions.

Where: The Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience are all affected by this change. Available in CRM Analytics for Slack when installed in Slack and approved by a workspace admin.

Who: The permission to connect Salesforce with Slack must be granted to users. Users need the Subscribe to Dashboards, Subscribe to Dashboards: Add Recipients, Subscribe to Reports, and Subscribe to Reports: Add Recipients permissions to subscribe to anything. Users must have the View Einstein Discovery Recommendations permission to run predictions.

How: Within the CRM Analytics for Slack app, lightning reports and dashboards can be found in recent, favorites, and searches. To view and share an item, open a dashboard or report menu.

Using Einstein, increase agent output Knowledge Seeking

Your customer service representatives can now find pertinent articles more quickly and give customers more precise answers to speed up case resolution. Now generally accessible is Einstein Search for Knowledge.

Where: ​​ The Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Lightning Experience are all affected by this change. It is also necessary to enable Lightning Knowledge and Einstein Search for Knowledge.

How: Enter Einstein Search in the Quick Find box in Setup's setup menu, then choose Settings. Save your changes after activating the Einstein Search for Knowledge enhancements.

Rapid Case Resolution Using Interactive Einstein Search Answers

When your agents use Einstein Search Answers to glean the most pertinent details from a knowledge article, they can act right away. The returned answers are only three lines long so that customer service representatives can copy the response and its internal link to their clipboard before sharing it without leaving the page. Agents used to open the record page and copy the URL, and section of an editorial.

Where: All versions of the Salesforce mobile app in the Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions with Lightning Knowledge and Einstein Search for Knowledge enabled are affected by this change, as well as Lightning Experience.

How: Enter terms like "a login issue with Salesforce iOS" or "How to add an email signature" in the search box. Then, share the solution or the source link by copying it.

CRM Analytics at Your Fingertips

With just one click, explore and analyze the data from your Customer Data Platform in CRM Analytics. Without transferring the data from the Customer Data Platform, you can expand your analysis. To use the CRM Analytics dashboards, choose a data object in Customer Data Platform and click the newly added Explore in Analytics button.

Where: All editions of Lightning Experience are affected by this change.

How: The following licenses must be provided in the same Salesforce org to access CRM Analytics from the Customer Data Platform.

Licenses for CRM Analytics Plus or CRM Analytics Growth are available.

Facilitate Quick Access to Sorted Data Sets with Secondary Indexes

Data sorting using one or more secondary indexes created on an Amazon DynamoDB table is supported by the Salesforce Connect Adapter for Amazon DynamoDB. Salesforce Connect now sorts data sets seen in related lists, list views, SOQL queries, and other ways by using global and local secondary indexes created on a table in Amazon DynamoDB. Before now, only the table's sort key could be used for sorting.

Where: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance editions of Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic are affected by this change.

How: Consult your AWS administrator who is knowledgeable about Amazon DynamoDB to decide which type of secondary indexes, local or global, to use. As a best practice, you should examine the needs of your application before using secondary indexes. Make sure to take the financial implications into account as well.

Visit the Guidance Center for Assistance

The Guidance Center panel was previously the Learning Paths help panel. The updated panel prioritizes the personalized learning materials that you assign using Learning Paths while also offering more carefully curated suggestions from Salesforce. Users find assistance to get going, get back on track when they get off course, and quickly realize the benefits of workspace solutions.

Where: The Developer, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions of Lightning Experience are all affected by this change.

Why: Although the functionality of Learning Paths has not changed, the updated Guidance Center panel layout and behavior offer a more engaging and efficient learning environment. To satisfy user needs, combine your compelling custom content with pre-installed Salesforce guidance.

Change the settings for the Visual Remote Assistant

By copying the Visual Remote Assistant account settings, you can save time and prevent mistakes. To copy and import settings between Salesforce org, such as between sandbox and production, use the account management settings.

Where: Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience all include access to this feature.

Utilize Hyperforce to Access Salesforce in More Locations

Using the scale and agility of the public cloud, Hyperforce enables you to deploy Salesforce apps and services in an increasing number of international regions. You can already take advantage of the power of the public cloud thanks to the widespread availability of Hyperforce.

Where: In Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, and the United States, the Salesforce Customer 360 application suite, which includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, B2B Commerce, Platform, and Industries Cloud, is delivered via Hyperforce. Only on request in the UK is the Salesforce Customer 360 application suite available on Hyperforce. Where indicated, these products can also be found on Hyperforce.

Utilize a specific permission set license and permission set to grant users access to account engagement.

You can now grant Account Engagement users the Account Engagement permission set to license and Account Engagement User permission set to accommodate those users who don't need full access to Salesforce. Users who have this permission set have access to the majority of the Account Engagement Lightning app's marketing tools. It excludes complete access to Salesforce campaigns.

Where: All Account Engagement editions purchased or upgraded after February 12, 2019, are subject to this change.

Why: With this modification, you can give Identity-licensed users access to the majority of Account Engagement Lightning app features without giving them full Salesforce access. Previously, Identity-licensed users could only use the standalone Account Engagement app, or the Account Engagement Lightning app required full access to Salesforce.

Configure and oversee products and pricing jointly

Manage your price list and product catalog in a specific workspace. Quick access to the product import tool, list views for products and pricing, and a new page where you can choose a default proration policy are all provided by one card in the Subscription Management console.

Where: The Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience are affected by this change.

Here are the Top 10 release features from the Winter ‘23 updates. More features will be shared in our upcoming blogs, so stay tuned!

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