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Top Commerce Cloud Summer '22 Features

Salesforce has launched the new and updated features for Salesforce B2B and B2C Commerce, Commerce Einstein, Omnichannel Inventory, and Salesforce Order Management are among the Commerce Cloud upgrades in this year's summer ‘22 release notes that are sure to make your business more productive and high yielding.

Let’s dive right into these features.

Salesforce Commerce B2B and B2B2C

Distribute internationally in B2C stores and take advantage of enhanced promotion features. Integrate a custom payment component, easily deploy a B2B checkout flow, and customize the checkout experience in a B2C store with a new checkout component. Sort search results by price and customize search results. To manage commerce data, use the new workspace features. Improve the multilevel navigation in stores. Allow users to integrate third-party applications seamlessly. An updated and reorganized developer guide will help you find information faster.

Manage Commerce Data with Enhanced Workspaces

In all workspaces, you can now make inline changes to names and descriptions. Categories can be selected and displayed as a column in the Product Workspace. Use the new Customer Workspace to manage buyers and shoppers more easily.

Where: This modification affects B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience as well as B2B2C Commerce in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

How: Choose a workspace from the Commerce App's navigation menu.

Einstein in Business

Using Commerce Einstein AI-powered merchandising tools in B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience and B2B2C Commerce storefronts, you can personalize consumer experiences.

Using the Commerce Einstein Recommendations and Activities APIs, build B2B and B2C custom components.

Combine the strength of Commerce Einstein Recommendations with the adaptability of a personalized front-end user experience. Use the Activity Tracking API to retrieve in-store activity data, such as product views, for custom B2B and B2C Commerce Einstein Recommendations components. Use the Product Recommendation API as a wire adapter to deliver recommendations within a custom Lightning web component if you're using B2B2C Commerce. Use Commerce Einstein Recommendations Connect APIs for B2B Commerce to select and deliver recommendations while ensuring appropriate product eligibility segmentation.

Manage Product-Level Inventory

To manage inventory at the product level, exclude a product SKU from a location group. The excluded product is not counted in the location group's available-to-order or available-to-fulfill counts, but it remains visible in other groups where it is not excluded. SKUs will also be exposed at the individual location level, which will be used for in-store use cases. Add, replace, and delete product SKU exclusions using Omnichannel Inventory Impex files.

Where: This modification affects Lightning Experience in the Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Order Management in Salesforce

Manage important aspects of your order workflow with new report templates, and keep your customers satisfied with improved routing options and extensive discount features.

Report Templates Deliver Insight into Order Data

Create reports using the new templates to provide insights into orders and sales, fulfillment states, refunds, cancellations, and discounts. The Order Management report templates come in an unlocked package. Install the report templates included in the package.

Where: This modification affects Lightning Experience in the Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

How: Navigate to the Install Order Management Basic Reports page and follow the Help instructions.

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