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Top Picks From Salesforce Spring '21 Release

The all-new Salesforce Spring,21 release is right around the corner. This is an exciting time for all the Salesforce developers, administrators, and consultants. We will soon be able to get our hands on all the new features and tools. If you are new to Salesforce, you are in for a treat as you will get three Salesforce releases each year. With each release, you will get more upgrades, new features, and a better user interface.

The Salesforce releases are jam-packed with amazing features. Our Spring,21 favorite picks are:

High Velocity Sales for Opportunities

Earlier you were only able to rack and engage directly and automatically on Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Account, or Person Account records using the best practice steps from Sales Cadences.

Now, you can now leverage sales cadences on any top sales object, at any stage of the sales cycle or deal. You can send emails or make phone calls to reach out to the right opportunity contacts with the right message, at the right time.

Field Service: Appointment Assistant

Appointment Assistant, built natively on the Salesforce platform, is a new add-on to Field Service. This feature further enhances customer engagement and transparency by letting customers know exactly when help is on the way. Customers are provided real-time updates which helps the customer not be dependent on the 4-hour wait window. Customers have the option to get real-time updates on the channel of their choice, such as SMS or a self-service portal.

Pardot: Campaign Cloning

A new campaign cloning button has been added to save time and boost efficiency. You’ll now be able to clone a campaign and all the related marketing asset records in a matter of a few seconds with only a couple of clicks. With this new “clone with related” button, you can now clone landing pages, forms, form handlers, and links related to any campaign easily.

Salesforce CMS Enhancements

The latest Salesforce CMS enhancements have export functionality, along with a new content key. The enhancements allow copying content between the organization’s Salesforce instances, such as sandbox, and a production org that allows components, which uses the content to keep the references intact. Customers can export content from one org (a sandbox) and import it into another org (production) and keep CMS Lightning components working.

Financial Services Cloud: Interaction Summaries

Interaction summaries allow you to capture meeting notes and attendees from the meeting in one place. This new feature permits you to share notes containing confidential information with only relevant stakeholders to maintain compliance, and associates notes with accounts and opportunities to surface customer insight. Interaction summaries can be used across financial services and insurance.

Spring ’21 release is loaded with amazing features and these features just the tip of the iceberg. We at Apphienz, are discovering more features to help our customers in the best possible ways. Looking for more or want to integrate some of these features in your Salesforce Instance? Connect with us today at or call us at +1-844-790-9900.

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